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I am interested in donating my wedding dress, however, I cannot find a local organization in my area.  It is 5 years old, but has been preserved since the day after the wedding.  It is Maggie Sottero (Grace), size 4.  If anyone is in the NOVA area and is in need of a dress, I would love to help a military bride.  Let me know!

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  • try

    They're a part of Operation Homefront. There's a specific charity(maybe 2-3), who specifically handle prom and wedding gowns for military brides(active duty brides), and their daughters for formal occasions. 

    I tried to google it, and couldn't figure it out. But, I put in a text to my BFF/MOH, and I believe she used it once, to donate and to "borrow". If she replies quick, I'll let you know :)
  • Thank you!
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