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North woods wedding in November

help! My fiancé and I have our heart set and the venue held for November 10th in eagle river. It's where we love to be and definitely want our wedding but are getting some resistance from our families about the time of year...what are your thoughts?
More specifically this date is the Saturday after I finish student teaching, so it really cannot be before then. Also to complicate it further we live in chicago and our parents live in Connecticut(mine) and Iowa(his)... Any suggestions are welcome!

Re: North woods wedding in November

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    My guess is your parents are concerned about weather. It's definitely possible that it could snow in November (especially in northern Wisconsin), which can lead to difficult travel (both by car and plane).

    My friend's sister got married in northern Wisconsin last winter and there was a snow storm the night before the wedding. Many of her immediate family members who had planned to drive the hour distance the day of the wedding were unable to attend the wedding, because of the poor road conditions.

    If you and your fiance love the venue and cannot imagine getting married anywhere else or at any other time of the year, then I say go for it! Otherwise if weather is a concern, you could wait to have the wedding in the Spring.
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    I hate to break it to you, but Eagle River is supposed to get snow already tomorrow. My family lives up there and they always say at thanksgiving that they've gotten _____ amount of snow already. Just curious, with you living in IL, yours in Conn and his in IA, how come your doing it so far away from where you live?


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    Another thing to think about is transportation for guests once they arrive in town. Maybe your family is concerned that because everyone is coming in from out of town, there might difficulty in getting everyone from the airport to the hotel to the ceremony to the reception back to the hotel and the airport?

    Things to think about: Will the guests rent cars? Will they take taxis? Will you provide your guests with transportation?

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    Are you talking about this november or 2012??
    until I know your answer, my thoughts so far:
    2012: GO FOR IT! eagle river is beautiful year round and they have a year to get their plans/finances etc. together.
    2011: wow, good luck. :) If it is what you want I'd still go for it I just hope you're not planning on a big wedding because that is really short notice.

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    Thank you all for your great responses! Yes November of 2012 is when we were hoping for! I think both our families major concerns were the unknown, they have never been there! The reason we were wanting to have it in eagle river is because of how special it is to us and it would require both families to travel, making it fair. I just had no idea how complicated this really is!
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    Maybe make the gentle suggestion that guests should be there a day early.  Even so, drivers coming from Conneticut and Iowa should be used to driving in snow! And early November hardly ever yields BIG storms. :) If it's at a resort, maybe reserve a block of accommodations nearby and hire someone to be a shuttle back and forth from the hotel to the location of your wedding.  Talk to maybe some locals to find a reliable person to do this. (I'm actually a local!) I happen to know a lot of people in the area who would know good drivers who would be willing to do it for minimal costs. (Maybe at the price of a meal!) Maybe trying for an earlier time of the day would give people that push to be there the day before. (Thinking 1 pm) That's all I've got for now. :) Good luck!
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    I'm a former local, and I say DO IT! Like Emkitby2011 said, chances are you will not have any snow storms in early November (my dad and brother keep complaining because they haven't had snow cover for deer season the past couple of years, which is mid November)! A little snow is managable and would make for great pictures! Get married where it is special to you! Bsides, locals in Eagle River have more to fear about the unknown in Chicago than Chicagoans have to fear about Eagle River! Best of luck!
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    Hello there!
    I actually live in Eagle River.  My friend is getting married tomorrow (Nov 5th) and it is going to be in the 50's. and sunny.  It could snow next year.  But usually in November you are still safe.  I say do it!! If you need help with any vendors and such let me know- I would love to help you out!! 
    I am guessing you guys are thinking of Eagle Waters? There is no other place like it.  I think you should go for it :)
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  • Have you looked into Holiday Acres Resort in Rhinelander, WI. They have beautiful outdoor wedding spots and receptions can be in a tent and or their reception hall. I just booked them for July 4,2015. It's gorgeous! www.holidayacres.com
    Happy in the NorthWoods!
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