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What color veil with a pink dress?

And by pink, I mean magenta.

I realize this is an unusual choice for a bride, but I just love it, and I look terrible in white/ivory anyway. :)

I was thinking a short little veil, maybe a birdcage, but I don't like the weave of a birdcage veil. Blusher? And then what color? I think that due to the non-traditional color of the dress I need to have some accessories that are clearly bridal.

Thanks in advance!

Re: What color veil with a pink dress?

  • I think a blush coloured veil would look lovely with that dress! Like a blush/very light pink colour. 
  • My dress was a similar color and I skipped the veil. I did large flower clips in my hair instead. You'll look like a bride regardless of what you choose because you ARE a bride.
  • I'm not sure I would wear a veil with that dress.  I like the idea of maybe white (or white and pink, or light pink) flowers in your hair.  A pearl necklace or earrings would be an easy "traditional" accessory to add.
  • Maybe you could get one in the same colour/tone or dye one to match.  Example:
    Or, perhaps you could use a white veil but pair it with a coloured flower/feathers/whatever.  Example:
    Peachy vintage - Bridal mini hat, handmade silk flower, birdcage veil 1
  • I was thinking of skipping the veil, actually, although that blue one looks gorgeous with that gown. emmyg65 care to share any pics? I'd love to see what you wore.
  • emmyg65emmyg65 member
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    Would I care to share my wedding pictures? Hells yes I would! :) I chose really gigantic flowers to give the visual impact that a veil might.


  • I love it!! The flower is perfect! Did your husband know you were not wearing white? What was his reaction? That's the only thing I'm concerned about- i don't want him to be expecting a vision in white and then I show up in that!
  • Yes, he did and he was thrilled.
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