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Anyone used or is using a go pro to capture video?

I have a go pro and I just got my dad one. He had the great idea of mounting them for the ceremony and capturing two views of the wedding. I think we would also want to have someone capture other moments like first dance, cake cutting and the speeches so we can paste together our own video. 

My only concern is the audio for the ceremony. We are writing our own vows and I really want to capture our words and feelings. We are going to do a dry run but not until the rehearsal so I'd love to see if others used these cameras in your wedding and what the quality of the audio was. 


Re: Anyone used or is using a go pro to capture video?

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    I hired a videographer, one of the main reasons one for the audio. I could have easily edited my own footage and had ample cameras I could have set up, but I would have missed the vows - the thing I wanted most of all. I recommend seeing if you can find one that fits in your budget.

    Nothing to add on go pros - sorry. GL! :)
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