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September 2015 Weddings


I'm excited that there are boards for 2015 Weddings now!

My fiance and I got engaged in June and decided to wait until Sept 2015 for our wedding. My fiance is finishing up his PharmD and we thought fall of 2014 would be too close to his graduation.

We've been looking at venues but haven't found the right one yet. We're looking at one this Saturday that should be pretty promising!  Fingers crossed! I'd love to have the big stuff booked within the next month or two.

Are there any other Sept 2015 brides out there yet???

Re: Finally!

  • Im a Sept 2015 bride!!! We got engaged in Oct and have our reception and church booked!!! 
  • I'm a September 2015 bride! We have been engaged since April 2013 - no venue booked, but we did find the right one and hope to sign a contract within the next few months!
  • Yay, more September 2015 brides! Congrats! My FI and I got engaged 9/21/13, and have a date set for 9/19/15. We only have our venue and photographer so far (the things that I feel are the two most important!), so I'm pretty relaxed right now and just enjoying being engaged before the real hardcore planning starts!
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  • Hello there yay! I'm also a September 2015 bride to be! I'm so excited to begin the journey we just got engaged a few weeks ago and I must say how fast you start the planning. We are planning a Maine wedding cause it's were we meet and feel I love per my fiancé ! And are looking a venues in a few weeks . Look at a barn style wedding well I'm glade there will be there's to chat with about are wedding happy planning
    Future mrs. Wilson
  • http://forums.theknot.com/profile/23320663/laurenstlouis we are also getting married on the 19th how cool.

    Awesome, congratulations! I haven't met another Bride with our date yet, how exciting! :)
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  • I'm a Sept 2015 bride, no date set yet, and still sorting location.
    We got engaged on 22/11/13 and I can't wait to marry my FI

  • http://forums.theknot.com/profile/23320663/laurenstlouis we are also getting married on the 19th how cool.
    Awesome, congratulations! I haven't met another Bride with our date yet, how exciting! :)
    We've also chosen that date!
  • rifenbra said:

    http://forums.theknot.com/profile/23320663/laurenstlouis we are also getting married on the 19th how cool.

    Awesome, congratulations! I haven't met another Bride with our date yet, how exciting! :)

    We've also chosen that date!

    That's so exciting! I've been dying to meet other same-date Brides! How far along in your planning are you?
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  • We put a deposit down and signed a contract with our venue last weekend! I've pretty much maid up my mind about who I'd like to use as our DJ and photographer, but don't have anything set in stone yet. I've taken a break from school and start back in mid March and will continue through our wedding date, so I'm trying to figure out the "big" stuff before going back to school so life is a little less hectic!

    How far are you ladies?
  • We booked our venue last weekend too!  Our package there includes the DJ, a bakery for the cake/desserts, and the floral centerpieces. 

    We're going to talk to the florist that does the centerpieces soon to get an idea on the cost of having her do all the other flowers. I have no idea how much flowers cost or what we should budget for them!

    The venue also has a recommended photographer and videographer so we're going to check them out this week or next week.  They also have a photobooth so that would be cool to include if it's in the budget.

    Once we get those things taken care of I think we can take our time with the rest.
  • Awesome! My FI and I both agreed that our venue, photographer, and food are the three most important things--so those are the items that we're planning first. We signed our contract for the venue and our photographer in mid-December, and I'm hoping to have our caterer locked in by late Summer. I feel like we've got so much time to be engaged that I might as well start putting down deposits and paying off balances while we have all this time to do it! I have a few other things crossed off our list, mostly due to friends and work stuff... One of our best and dearest friends is ordained, so he'll be taking care of the officiating. FI and I both work at a cupcake shop--he's the Head Baker and I'm the Wedding Coordinator, so obviously we've got our cake (and cupcakes!) covered! Finally, our Best Man is also a super talented DJ. He actually offered to do the DJing for us (we're going to just go the playlist route, since we really didn't want him to feel like a vendor on our big day! That way he can just create multiple playlists and have everything cued up and ready to go, as well as be on hand to handle any mishaps that might happen with a playlist, etc.) sooo music is covered, too. I haven't even thought about my dress yet, which is SO surprising since I thought that would be like the first thing that I would want to take care of! Even though I'm so excited for our date to actually be here, I have to admit that I'm loving this whole long engagement thing!

    Are you all planning indoor or outdoor ceremony/receptions?
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  • I know what you mean about loving the long engagement. At first I was antsy but now I like being able to take my time with all our decisions.

    We're planning an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception at the same venue, a local country club.
  • Wow!  I feel like I'm a bit behind!  We got engaged 11/26/13 and are planning a 9/26/15 wedding.  We have toured a few venues and even got a quote from one.  After I had a heart attack over the cost of the one we got the quote on, I'm slowly getting back into the planning mode.  I've accepted that we will need to spend a lot more $ than we want to.  Period.

    Nothing formally booked yet but we think we know what direction we want to take.  Touring a venue tomorrow on our lunch break so, we'll see.  If we don't decide on one of the historic mansions we will have recently toured we will have to wait until September 2014 to book one of the local park lodges we like a lot.

    I've also already been in contact with a caterer, wedding consultant/event designer, and photographer.

    Am I far behind (should I have more booked by now) or am I where I should be in this process?

    This is so new to me as I was never one who dreamt of her perfect wedding.  My situation may be a bit different as I am closer to 40 than 20, we've been together for 8 years and have an almost 4 year old daughter.  We thought of eloping but wanted to celebrate with our friends and family we figure might as well just do the whole thing.  We just know we don't want a country club/hotel/banquet hall wedding - we like the idea of a mansion or relaxed casual thing.  Maybe both?  LOL!
  • Yay for 2015!! I am September 6 ...we have been engaged since October 2012 but have a toddler and want her to be a bit older when we marry...so we pushed it from 2014 to 2015. We just found our venue and photog. I figure booking the expensive stuff now allows me to have it all paid off ....no financial surprises at this wedding!

    Great to meet you all =)
  • So exciting to have more September 2015 brides. Our date is September 12, 2015 the date me and my fiance actually met, so its something special for us and not just another day. We just signed the contract for our Photographer and made the deposit and hopefully soon we will book oour DJ as well. Already met with him, and he is amazing and all of his reviews have been nothing but good things from people I am friends with. Once we book him, we will be done with the big things and can take a break till late summer, which is when I will start shopping for my dress.    Im so excited to marry my best friend and to start a life together :)
  • @rfj You are SO not behind, don't even worry about it! The biggest reason my FI and I jumped on everything and started planning now was because we wanted to spread out our larger payments over the two year engagement, and because I'm kind of paranoid about other couples coming along and booking something that I had my heart set on (like the venue or our photographer!) With the wedding over a year away, I would say there's no real rush on anything (unless, of course, there's something in particular you know you want--then I say go for it! Again, that's mostly just because I'm usually paranoid that someone else will take it out from under us if I don't jump on it, haha!) And I have to say, I love the idea of a historic site/mansion! That's what my FI and I were really on the look-out for (our theme is "romantic Victorian garden") and we ended up booking a historic river Mill turned bed-and-breakfast/wedding venue. Historical sites just do it for me, haha!

    Soo my MoH was in town this past weekend to celebrate our birthdays together, and we ended up going dress shopping (something I swore to myself I wouldn't do until early 2015!) Of course it's only the first place I've been to, but the third dress I tried on (and, funnily enough, the one dress that my MoH picked out for me and begged for me to "just try on") I absolutely fell in LOVE with! I didn't put any money down on it yet (I just couldn't do that without my Mom; I've always imagined trying on dresses with her there and there was just no way I could put money down without ever having gone dress shopping with her or my FMIL, FSIL, and my FI's grandma!) But still, it's so exciting thinking that I've maybe found my dress! It's all I can think about now! Have any of you ladies picked out your dress yet? I'm excited to hear what you all are thinking about wearing!

    I'm just so thrilled there are so many other September 2015 brides now! Yay for us, ladies!
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  • 2015 for the win! 

    Excited to have a venue booked, booked my VIP bridal salon appointment (they give you snacks and discounts and a whole bunch of goodies in a large room that you never have to leave) and I am just pumped. 

    Now, just to lose the last of the weight I want to drop and I will be ready! 

    Nice to meet you all ^_^ 
  • Yay, I'm September 26, 2015! We got engaged in August 2013.

    So far, we have booked:
    -stationery company
    -cake maker (my mom - ha!)

    Excited to be planning with you ladies!
  • RFJRFJ member
    Third Anniversary Name Dropper First Comment
    @laurenstlouis Thank you for reassuring me I'm not too far behind!

    So, we do believe we want to go with one of the mansions we looked at.  Only issue now is that I am waiting to hear back from the events rental folks so I can determine how the heck much all the tables/chairs/linens, etc. will cost to rent!

    I did meet with a photographer already, too - but only because I worked with him (in the photo industry no less) several years ago, for many years, and I know he does great work and I trust him - and I didn't want anyone else to snatch him up!  Is WAY over what The Knot says I should spend for my total budget but, that is one thing I did not want to skimp on!  Having worked in the industry, I can always tell when other brides go cheap or inexperienced on their photographer...almost instantly - unless they are lucky enough to find someone up-and-coming who hasn't figured out how much they are worth yet but, that is so rare!

    We're on our way...

    Yay September 2015 brides!!!
  • Any 2015 brides in the Montreal area??
    We got engaged Christmas Eve, this past year and we're shooting for doing the wedding Sept. 26, 2015. I thought I had ample time to plan but it doesn't feel that way... Especially for an estimated guest list of 200+ (please shoot me).
    On the up side, I got my dress!! So happy! Anyone in Montreal, I highly recommend the boutique White Montreal in Old Port. They saved my sanity from crumbling.
  • Can you ladies believe that we are hitting the 18 month mark this month?!

    Time is going fly by before we know it!
  • Loving all the Sept. 26, 2015 brides! Let's do this! 

  • *waves*

    Got Engaged 10/27/13 and our wedding is booked for 9/26/15.

    Seems like there's quite a few weddings on the 26th!

  • Hi everyone! Excited to see there's a bunch of us September 2015 brides already! :) Our date is 9/5/15. We just got "officially" engaged 3/22/14 but we actually had the marriage talk a few months ago and we had already booked the venue by the time he got around to formally proposing lol!

    Can't wait to hear everyone's plans, congrats to you all!
  • I got engaged in Aug of 2012 and wont be married until Sep of 2015. Fiancé was in the service and was not due to move home till Jan 2014
  • mine is sep 26 2015!!!!

  • Hello ladies.. groom here - marrying another groom :) Wedding date is 9/19/15 - so far we have the venue and DJ booked - looking into photographers now and then we will relax until early 2015 I guess
  • Soooo I officially said "YES!" to the dress and put down my deposit on it! SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY! Just wanted to share with you all!

    And a big, huge welcome to all the new September brides (and groom!) <3
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  • NowIamMrsKleinNowIamMrsKlein Cold Canadian North (British Columbia) member
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    Got engaged March 20, 2014 and the big day will be September 12, 2015!!

    So excited.

    We've got the venue booked. And the photographer as that was our most important 'item' on our list of what is important to us in a wedding.

    Other than that we dont plan on doing much more planning until late this summer as my little sister is getting married this july and we don't want to take away from her moment.

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