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I am looking for additional venue suggestions to make sure there aren't others I might have missed in my search.

We want an indoor reception space for 200+ people that allows us to bring in our own food and bar catering since my fiance has bar catering business and his family have food catering business so we can save a lot and involve those that are special to us. 

Problem is, in the Central Coast, that doesn't seem to leave a lot of options.  

So far the best pick seems to be Taft Barn in Atascadero that meets all of those needs, which is definitely in the running.
There are a couple of other bars that are pricier and you seem to get less (Margarita Ranch, Dana Powers, Edwards Barn)
Also found Holland Ranch in SLO and Park Ballroom in Paso but we'd have to slim our guestlist down
Finally, we're also considering Monarch Dunes in Nipomo but we can only use our food caterers not our own bar.

Are there any other Central Coast locations I should be taking a look at? We live in Arroyo Grande so closer to there the better but willing to do an hour or so drive if the place is worth it.

Thanks in advance!

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