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Need help organizing my thoughts!

Hi everyone! I need some ideas of ways to make my wedding nice, but I want it to be laid back and fun. My fiancee and I have both been married before, I have a daughter who will be almost 3, and he has a 7 year old son. We are thinking of renting a house on the lake over Memorial Day weekend, about 2 hours from where we live, with family all between 1-4 hours from there. We have jet skis and a couple family members with boats, so we thought it would be a fun time to get out on the water, see family, have fun, and get married. I am thinking the wedding would be in the backyard with 20-30 family members. Then do cake and champagne after. We would probably go to dinner that night with whoever wanted to, but just as a nice dinner, not necessarily a "wedding reception." What do you all think? Any ideas on how to make it nice but casual? I really want it to be fun, and something our kids remember. Thanks!
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