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Anyone else looking at venues in Manhattan and want to swap notes?

We are starting our venue hunt this week in Manhattan and I was just hoping there was someone else out there that has, either done it before and wants to share some advice; or there is someone out there starting out and wants to talk about locations and share tips?

All the best!

Re: Anyone else looking at venues in Manhattan and want to swap notes?

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    I did it last summer and might be able to provide some info depending on which venues in particular interest you.
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    My list of "possibles" seems really long right now. Over the next week and a half we're going to see and meet with folks at the following places:
    - Colicchio & Sons
    - Gramercy Park Hotel
    - Bryant Park Grill
    - Bowery Hotel

    I've reached out to One if By Land, but never got a response.

    On my "to do" list of places I'm interested in, but haven't emailed are the following:
    Studio 450
    The Glass Houses
    Hudson Hotel
    Manhattan Penthouse
    The Upper Crust / 91 Horatio
    Penthouse Six
    Gramercy Tavern
    Trump Soho
    620 Loft & Garden
    Ritz Carlton Battery Park you can see, the list is pretty long, but obviously not everything. Am I missing anywhere that you loved when you were looking? What venue did you end up choosing?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Those are some really nice venues!  Grammercy Park Hotel and Bowery Hotel are both on the very pricey side, but are gorgeous if they're in your budget.  Colicchio & Sons, Bryant Park Grill and Gramercy Tavern are going to give more of a restaurant feel obviously, not sure if there is space for a dance floor.  Hudson Hotel is really cool.  Expensive (I think in the $250 pp range), but not as bad as Bowery, which I think is $350 pp range.  You should also consider the Gansevoort Park Hotel.  They have a beautiful modern upscale space for about $250 pp.  And the W Union Square, I believe they are about $225 pp.

    We decided to have a smaller wedding (85 guests) so we are doing it at the Skylark, the new Abigail Kirsch venue in midtown.  You should also check out the Lighthouse, her larger venue in Manhattan.  The food is out of this world, so much better than typical wedding food.

    I had inquired into the Upper Crust, but they wanted $220 pp for significantly less food than other venues were offering for that price.  The space is also really blank, so you have to invest in decorating it.  They wanted a $5k design consulting fee for that, which didn't include any of the actual things you need to decorate, just the advice.
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    Thanks so much for the information! I'm especially excited to see Bowery and Bryant Park Grill. This is a fun process, but I don't want to make the wrong decision! 

    I will take a look at the venues you suggested. Thanks, again!
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    Hi, I am planning a wedding for this spring and am interested in Gramercy Hotel, River Cafe and the Mondrian Soho. Studio 450's elevators and restrooms are not always in the best shape, imo. 
    But looking to swap info about the three venues I listed if anyone has any info on pricing!
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    Studio 450: I ended up booking elsewhere due to aesthetic preferences but seriously considered this space. It is absolutely beautiful, has an amazing roofdeck (the best views of midtown & classic NYC buildings), and the price is great and very competitive for a raw space rental. It's rented on a flat-fee basis for 10 hours, if I recall correctly. You have the option to choose all of your own vendors, which is a plus if you're picky (like me) or a downside if you'd prefer to have fewer options to consider due to the time you have to evaluate.

    The costs there would be in rentals and catering since you'd have to bring everything in yourself but it's a blank space and can be made even more beautiful if you (or your planner) are creative and can put the time and energy into it.

    Bowery Hotel: I also looked into this space but their booking calendar only opens one year out and they only execute one wedding or event per week (so when I called in July '13 for an Oct. '14 wedding, they weren't accepting reservations for Oct. 14 yet and I wanted to lock-in a date and venue as early as possible). If you have a particular date in-mind, I imagine it could be somewhat competitive to secure that date with them, given their booking model.

    But it's definitely a beautiful space and in a great location (though the reception room and band/dance floor are in separate rooms, not sure if that matters to you).
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