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full body tone

HELP, I have purchased my dress and im in love with it! Like any Bride I want to put my best self out there and tone up before my big day. I planned on doing push ups and tricep dips and some bicep curls for my back and arms and for my legs squats and lunges on top of my normal cardio. My main question is will the squats and lunges increase the size of my butt and hips...i don't have much room in my dress right now and if i put any bulk on in that area i wont be able to fit in my dress.

Re: full body tone

  • hlpopperhlpopper member
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    I've been doing the T25 workouts for about a month and a half and they do a lot of leg work in the first part of it and thus far, since there are lots of lunges, squats, and burpees, I've seen no increase in the size of my hips and legs, thus far, they are slowly getting smaller, maybe and inch or so, but my legs and hips are more tone and look firmer, not bulkier. A tip to make sure, measure you legs and hips before you get started, do it for about 2 weeks and then remeasure, if you see an increase of size, stop immediately.
  • @hlpopper I've wanted to start doing T25 as well, you say you like it? Very good information =)
  • hlpopperhlpopper member
    Third Anniversary 10 Comments Name Dropper 5 Love Its
    edited January 2014
    It is amazing. After the first 4 weeks I lost a good 5 inches around my stomach and waist.
  • @hlpopper, thanks for the advice to measure before then after a few weeks. i just would like to tone my whole body and possible reduce the size of my butt and thighs to give me extra room in my dress.
  • I do lunges and squats all the time because I have a huge ass. They lift and firm my butt while shaving off fat. They are amazing! 
  • Sounds like we have similar body types where we carry extra weight in our hips and thighs. Lunges & other workouts that target certain muscle groups are great, but it won't help with losing fat & toning up all over. I've been swimming 4x per week for an hour each time at the local community pool & have just been eating really clean and healthy (lots of veggies & fruits, no gluten or dairy or soy or corn) & lost 10lbs in 6 weeks with not even trying. I just go to the pool, zone out & do my thing, and then an hour passes & I continue on with my day. I've tried other things like running (didn't work for me at all! I have trouble controling my breath) & cycling (that was fun but not so much during the winter months). I mix things up by doing pilates & yoga 3x a week also, so that I'm not doing too much of the same exercise. I don't know about you, but when I do too many pushups & pullups & lunges, I get really discouraged quickly because I don't see results oon enough. I'd suggest swimming for a month regularly & seeing how you feel & if that helps you tone up more. Best of luck! You can do it!! :)
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