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Ok, we keep moving the date, but it appears that the day we wanted in May falls on Labor Day weekend, and that's no good. So we are pushing it a couple weeks into June. 

Anyone with tips on June wedding? This will be in Chicago suburbs, so weather is completely unpredictable, but indoor wedding anyway.
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  • Hi! Finally someone is on here! I am getting married June 20th. I'm not sure what advice I can give you except have a backup plan if your ceremony is outside. We are getting married outside then having an indoor reception but if it rains there is space to do the ceremony inside. I am frim the Boston area. Congratulations on your engagement!!
  • My FI is insisting in everything indoor because of tempting fate with the weather. I would love outdoor ceremony and even reception, but I have to kind of agree with him, definitely back up plan if outdoors, although that can often be a little extra to either reserve the indoor space or rent additional tents. But hey if OP is having an indoor wedding than doesn't matter. I've been wondering about pictures though, I definitely like outdoor pictures for the day of the wedding, but if the weather is bad, that might ruin that idea, unless we had giant umbrellas and made it a part of the picture...anyone think of this and made their back up plans?
  • Hi effiek91, That would be a bummer for pictures if the weather was rainy. Golf umbrellas tend to be nice and big so maybe picking up some of them would help salvage some cute outdoor pics.
  • @MrsMcCaw, I was thinking along those lines yep! I call them soccer mom umbrellas (9 years spent playing soccer growing up). If I could get some in bulk online in my wedding colors it would fit right as if it was planned.
  • Did not realize we had a board yet lol so I'm a little behind.....but we are getting married June 6th at a golf and country club. They have a beautiful outdoor ceremony space and if it rains they have a covered patio that will accommodate all of our guests (seated). For photos they have umbrellas and carts for us to use, and the clubhouse has some beautiful stone framing that would work (covered space also). We live in Canada, but June is not too too big of a risk for rain :)
  • @singinchick13 I'm hoping to see reception areas this year so I can get an idea for next year. I have horrible memory, but I'm trying to remember how often it rains in Chicago area during June...last year was awful, but it's up in the air. 
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  • @Madhops21 - check the Farmers Almanac! You can actually look up specific dates from the past and see how often it rained in a specific zip code! Once we booked our date, I went and did that and discovered it has only rained on June 13th in my location twice in the past 30 years. Keep your fingers crossed for me that next year won't be added to that list!!
  • Llikotdesserd That is really really cool! I never knew there was some list of previous weather by locations. I will definitely check that out.
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