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RSVP postage for international guests

Hi everyone,

This might be a dumb question, but how do I get international postage to put on my RSVP envelopes for my guests that are outside of Canada? I have to send invites to the US, England, Thailand, Argentina, and Austria.


Re: RSVP postage for international guests

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    Hmmm, I don't think you can..... The only international postage you can get is for Canada post going out not USPS/ Airmail coming back.
    I never thought of this before!

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    I had this issue (in reverse, return postage from Canada, other countries to U.S.).  I was going to ask a family member in Canada to purchase the international postage for me and send it.  Still didn't solve the other countries' postage though. 

    In the end, we opted for online/phone rsvp (with "local" in-country phone numbers).  We had significant mail delays when sending out our international save the dates, and did not want that same issue while waiting for responses.  

    Makes me long for the day when guests just knew to reply on their own stationary to a formal invitation.  Those days are gone, though.
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    Hmm, I would call Canada Post and ask 1-800-565-4362
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    Schatzi13 said:
    Don't worry about trying to track down return postage for these guests, OP.

    If you want, you can enclose a note saying for these guests saying that they are welcome to reply via email or telephone if they'd prefer. If they go that way, it will save them the postage and cut out the week of international mail time.
    This.  For international guests, I'd allow them extra time to RSVP, but I don't think you have to try to guess what postage rates will be at any given time, let alone try to get stamps, although you can certainly try to do that.  Maybe you can Google where you can get postage for their countries and try to get stamps that way, but don't put yourself to unnecessary trouble.
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    Great thanks for the helpful advice! I think I will try to get postage for US guests but for the rest I'll rely on phone/email. 
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    I'll be honest, I was rude to my guests in Germany, I didn't put return postage on my RSVP envelopes because I couldn't get my hands on the correct postage stamps for them to us. I did have a website where all of my guests were able to RSVP online so I figured that was a good option for them too. My relatives ended just emailing me or telling my mom when they talked to her what their response was.

    Like on of the PP, I mailed out my invites extra early to allow for the extra delivery time to Germany so they would get them in the proper time.

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    You could buy stamps online

    but honestly, as PP have pointed out, just let them RSVP via email or phone. You never know how long one of those RSVP letters might take... Delivery times I experienced between Germany and Ireland have been 3 to 21 days so far, same goes for UK-Germany, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's as bad (or worse) for other countries... UK-Ireland isn't too bad, but I guess that's because of the proximity of both of them... 
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    We have guests in 7 countries. We had 2 sets of RSVP cards printed: one set is a postcard with our return address and on which we will provide stamp. It will be sent to US guests. The other set is a card that asks to RSVP to my email and that will be sent to all international guests. We actually just got our invitations on Saturday so I am planning to mail the international ones this week before the postage rates go up and due to potential delays (especially with the ones to FI's family in Mexico, as the mail there is not so reliable).
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    Yes that's my other worry, reliability..

    Thanks for all the info!
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