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When did you know he or she was the one?

I'm feeling sappy tonight... I knew when I was hit by a truck (I was a pedestrian) about 3 months into dating him. He raced to the hospital and took such good care of me for weeks. He also knew how to deal with me when I was being stubborn about not needing help - he'd let me try to do things on my own and then we'd laugh about it together when it didn't work out. I'm probably the least graceful person ever when I'm on crutches. 

That was so early in our relationship but it really showed me how much he cared about me. I knew he'd always be there for me when I needed him.

What about you? When did you know?

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Re: When did you know he or she was the one?

  • These are all making me so emotional I love it!
  • I met him in EMT class in jan of 08 and we came study buddies, I went into a ditch the first Friday in March and he came to give me and my daughter a ride home from work and when we got there I invited him up to study and have dinner, that night something clicked and we realized we wanted to be more than friends. I knew he was the one when he surprised me with dinner at my favorite Italian place and we both said the "L" word. Our whole relationship has been fast and backwards lol he never went home after that weekend he drove us home, we moved into a house in April and have been together ever since :) celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in June, brought a little boy into our lives 2 years ago and bought our first home a few months ago!
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  • I had 2 previous long term relationships and for some reason with both of those I always had a weird gut feeling that they were just not the one. A year went by with FI and I realized I never got that feeling, it was the opposite feeling of holy crap, this really is the one! 
    Also, I was in a similar accident where he needed to bathe me, dress me, administer an IV in my arm and he was a freakin champ and handled the situation way better than I did (I was so frustrated and pissy pants about the whole thing). 

    Honestly, I can see why some of my friends are divorced now...I think they had that bad gut feeling that I had with ex's but they probably just thought they were being silly and overlooked it. I'm so glad I listened to it! 



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  • Firstly, I love this thread!! The first time I met FI, I knew there was something special about him, he just made me smile. I knew that he was the one when he opened up to me about how his father's death, and how he really felt- which he had never been able to get off of his chest. It's not necessarily that he confided in me, but I just felt so deeply connected to him, that I realized what a special connection that we had.
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  • I knew when he sent me a wonderful e-mail asking me out and basically saying he planned on marrying me. He was in the Navy and we had met in person but then communicated via Facebook and e-mail. Our first phone call was after that with him asking "Will you be my girlfriend?"

    Then a week later when he cancelled plans, flew 2000 miles and drove 200 miles just to take me on our first date. When we hugged and held hands the first time I knew I could be with him forever. The fact he took me grocery shopping on our first date also confirmed again how sweet and caring he was.

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  • The day we met face to face for the first time. (Known him since 2004, fell for him in 2008) He came out 2/4/2009 to CA so we could meet. The moment I was in his arms I knew he was my guy. =) The rest they say is history.
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  • I knew on a random day, when I looked around his house and suddenly realized that it felt more like home to me than my apartment (or my parents' house), and realized that I desperately wanted to have kids with him. I looked into his eyes and had to turn and hide the fact that I wanted to cry because it was then that I realized how much I love him. There was nothing that either of us did or said that prompted it -- it was just a perfect, overwhelming moment.
    I wish I could love this x100 because that's so IT!
  • It was very early on into our relationship, in college. Like, not even a month in. One night we stayed up the whole entire night. We played with the Ouija board in the lounge, in the middle of the night by ourselves, went on a walk around campus, watched the sunrise, talked, went to breakfast in the caf, before going to sleep at like 8am. I just knew that if a guy could do the creepy things I liked with me, and could stay up with me all night just talking and hanging out, that he was the one. BTW, love this thread :)


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  • I don't know about "the one" but I definitely had a "this guy's different, in a good way" feeling. I'd had a rough day at work and was sitting on his couch venting away. He'd turned his entire body towards me, and leaned forward, just listening. At some point I said something like, "Sorry to keep going off like this." And he goes, "Oh no- keep going. I'm listening."

    ...A man... listening? Like really listening? Wow!

    Ten or eleven months after we met we were at a charity party and he flat out said, "So I've been thinking a lot lately about planning an event like this, like our wedding." And we had a conversation about getting married and it was the most natural feeling, like it was right. Four months later we were officially engaged. 
    He always make me laugh, and our relationship feels easy. He's just... the one. 

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    ETA: I haven't shared this on TK before, because I was sure people would judge me, but after seeing how non-jugemental posters are being towards each other on this thread, I'll share.  He's the first and only man I've ever dated.  People always ask me why I never thought about playing the field, seeing other people to see what it's like,  what if I'm missing out on something, etc, and the truth is that once I started dating FI, I never wanted anyone else.  I never felt I was "Missing out."  I just felt happy.

    I don't know when the exact moment was, honestly. When I think of it, I think of a series of moments. Even before we dated, when we were just friends, we always got along really well. I've always been EXTREMELY socially awkward, for instance it took my best friend and MOH a whole year to even get close to me (I'm glad she's such a persistent person, I know I was a pain). For me it was always a huge strain to be social.  Even when I was with friends, I could only really stand being around them for a day at most.  Not because they bugged me, just because being social tired me out and I needed time to myself.  For some reason I never felt uncomfortable talking to FI. One day my MOH called me out on that (just sassing me, she wasn't mad or anything) and it hadn't occurred to me before. I wasn't shy with him.  It required zero effort on my part to be social when it came to him, I never got tired of being around him, and to this day, no matter how much time I spend with him, I never get tired of it. 
     Fast forward to a little over a month into the relationship. I stayed at his apartment, and we spent the whole night talking. Just pouring our souls out for each other. It felt amazing to just let everything out like that. There are more, but since I don't want to clog up this post with a novel, I'll go to a more recent one. 

    We were at the gathering of the vibes this past summer, and I remember we went on the Ferris wheel while Ripple was playing (and that might be our first dance because of this moment) and I remember just taking in the beautiful summer night, looking down at the concert lights, and holding FI close. He told me he loved me, and it wasn't the first time, but it felt like it did the first time.
    I always think of this series of moments, because obviously before we dated, and one month into the relationship, I didn't think to myself "we're going to get married," but I definitely felt something very strong and meaningful, and by Vibes I knew I was extremely happy and wanted to be with him for a vey long time, but it all hit me again like it was new. I still have moments like that. Sometimes they're grand like vibes, sometimes they're little, but it hits me all over again, how much I love him and how certain I am that he and I will always be together, and even though I feel that way often, it always feels like new love. I hope I make sense.
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  • Everything was just easy with DH.  And I actually wanted to see him again, whereas with most guys I dated, I couldn't really care less.  But big moments were when my basement flooded.  I teach, so couldn't get off and he stayed at the house to soak up water with a team vacuum and dump it down the sink.  All morning.  The next time was about 6 months in when we hike the West Coast trail.  I was miserable and was ready to pull our at the Ferry.  He said he'd go with me.  He also put up with all of my misery on the rest of the trip.  I figured if he could put up with me at my lowest most miserable bitchy me I've ever been, he was worth keeping.  

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  • I'm about to sound like an awful person and open an old wound, but I had baggage from a previous serious BF about my FI sexting other women, so I would look at his phone when he wasn't paying attention and get upset by things. 

    This was years ago, and I did it a couple times and he would know. We worked on my self esteem issues and he stayed with me, even after I lost his trust so I could regain it. I haven't done that in years now, but that really showed me how much he loved me enough to work on this. 

    We got engaged recently. I did the snooping at the very beginning of the relationship. 
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  • We were 18 and on vacation with his family for 10 days.. We spent every waking hour with each other and we never fought.. Even though I was young then, I remember thinking "this is nice.. and comfortable.. I could do this for the rest of my life.." and I still feel the same 5 years later.. :)
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