Rehearsal Dinner Favor?

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I am just wondering if favors are traditional for rehearsal dinners. I've never been to a rehearsal dinner but my FMIL mentioned she wanted to contribute to our rehearsal favors and our welcome bags. If they are appreciated, could you share ideas you've seen? 

We are doing welcome bags with basics like bottled water, snacks and travel guides. Our wedding favors are build your own bags that will feature all kinds of Chicago edibles (Garret's Popcorn, Goose Island Root Beer, and candies made here). I  kind of want to avoid edibles but also don't like personalized items people will toss out.

ETA: Some of our guests at the rehearsal will be traveling from Italy so I also have to consider if they can pack it.

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Favor?

  • Favors are typically not expected at a rehearsal dinner.  You can thank your FMIL for the thoughtfulness, but tell her it is not really necessary.  If you think all your guests might enjoy it, perhaps you could include an Italian sweet at the end of the dinner to welcome your guests that have travelled so far.

    As a Chicagoan, I have to say that I am a huge fan of your build-a-bags.  What's not to love about Garrett's??
  • Thanks so much! It's just family and very close family friends so I think they will be pleased to just have dinner and time together. I'll graciously let my FMIL know we are going to just focus on welcome bags.

    Thank you for the feedback on our favor bags too! I'm really excited for them. We have about 8 items picked out for the table. I think our guests will really enjoy it. I'm probably going to proof our choices on the Chicago board soon if you ever hop over there :-)
  • OP: Maybe for those who didn't get a welcome bag and but will still be in the wedding somehow: printouts of the day's events. Like what time everyone's getting hair/makeup, when the limo's leaving, if there will be a morning after brunch. I'm thinking of doing this and putting them in cute envelopes.


  • I think dessert would be a great way to show your thanks, and/or maybe a round of drinks or pitcher of beer if it's casual.
  • Thanks for all the feedback. We are hosting the entire dinner and all the invitees will have gotten welcome bags so I was able to convince my FMIL that it was all okay. We did amp the welcome bag up a little so she's happy.
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