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Rose Petal Aisle Decor Help!

So I have decided I want to have a rose petal pattern (still undecided which one) down my aisle, I want to make sure my guests don't go down the aisle so I am thinking of tying it off with a satin bow to have people know they need to enter from the outside of the aisle, the problem I am facing is how do I go about untying the ribbon before my party makes their entrance? I've thought about having the mom's untie it together some how but then again I don't want it destroyed before I make my entrance so if anyone can offer any helpful thoughts or suggestions I would appreciate it!

Re: Rose Petal Aisle Decor Help!

  • as PP suggested tie the ends of the chairs together, but either way once the processional starts the petals will most likely get messed up by the time you get there. Personally I think you are over- thinking that one, so I would just decorate with the petals and let the design go.  Definitely try it, but don't get upset if it gets messed up before you walk down the aisle.   

  • Oh i'm not worried about my bridal party messing up the aisle I know that will happen, I just don't want my guests going up the middle and possibly their children trying to play with the petals! I like the idea of tying the chairs together with the rose balls!
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