Venue help in Northwest IN!

I am looking for a venue that is affordable in Northwest IN. I'm on a very tight budget and would love any information on venues that offer discounts on Fridays in the Fall. I feel like I've looked at almost every venue and have had no luck. :/ My budget is only $5,000 or preferably less. When I first started planning I had a lot of ideas and am quickly finding out how much little things add up. I just want a cute and affordable venue where our guests will have a nice time.

Re: Venue help in Northwest IN!

  • The old courthouse in Crown Point is only $500 to rent--it might be less on a Friday. You can bring in your own booze (it just needs to be served by a licensed bartender) and can have any caterer you want. It's really beautiful too!
  • Thank you so much! I will check that out. 

  • If you're OK with an outdoor venue, Deep River County Park is beautiful! It's only $257 for the space rental and that includes the 100 chair setup. The gazebo they have at the ceremony is always decorated with beautiful seasonal flowers and the pathway is all brick!
  • Gary aquatorium in miller is super cute. 500 per space...including chairs and tables. Good luck :)
  • also check out the Butterfield Family Pavillion in Valpo. I think its $400 to rent for the weekend and you can bring your own caterer. I think it fits up to 250ish people and comes with tables and chairs. 
  • Thank you! I had not heard of any of these places. :)

  • Hi Amrocken - Not sure if you were able to contact the Crown Point Courthouse... I just posted about us canceling our event there- it is now open on August 16.  
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