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Miami/Davie hair stylist recs needed!

Hello there! I'm looking for recs on an affordable wedding hair stylist in the Miami/Davie area! Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Miami/Davie hair stylist recs needed!

  • Yaneth Grey or Alicia from ACBeauty. I can PM you a picture of my hair and makeup by Alicia for my engagement session.
  • Yes that would be great! Thanks!
  • I recommend  Lisa Lee-Merritt of Alluring Faces ...

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  • I recommend Nancy Porras!  She's fun, professional and has very reasonable prices, you can get her info and see pictures of her work on her website at makeupandhairbynancy.com. Or I can also send you pics from when she did my hair and makeup!
  • I second Alicia from AC beauty. I'm working with her for my wedding in April, and chose because she does incredible work and  she's affordable compared to most hair and make up artists combined. 
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  • Gaby C or Joenia from Drew James Hollywood. I can get you their numbers if you PM me. They've done a number of my friend's hair and my sister's wedding .


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