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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Etiquette--Bridal shower??

Hi I need help with an etiquette question.  I am pretty sure that I know the answer but just wanted to be sure.  I am having a very small wedding (7 people total).  Should I assume that since I am not having a big wedding with all family/friends invited that I shouldn’t have a Bridal Shower?  I am assuming I am correct on this but just wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts are on this.




Re: Etiquette--Bridal shower??

  • Hi! I am always nervous to post about etiquette because let's face it - in this day and age everyone seems to be doing something different - but I will give it a shot!

    Any pre-wedding "parties" such as engagement parties, showers, bachelorette etc. should always be thrown / hosted by close friends or family - never the couple so I would say never assume you will have any of these things. However - if someone decides to throw you a wedding shower the guests who are invited the shower should be invited to your wedding - (same with any of the other parties). Does everyone know you are having a small wedding? If so they are probably hesitant to throw you a wedding shower knowing not everyone who is invited will be invited to the wedding....Hope this helps - etiquette can be hard. :)   
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