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  • Do people give less when travelling very far or going to a DW wedding?
  • Do people give less when travelling very far or going to a DW wedding?
    I do give less when I spend a lot for a DW.  FWIW, we gave $350 since the couple was close, but if they were less close, we probably would have given $250.  So yes I would say the norm for NYC is $250-$350 per couple.
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    Im in Chicago. When I was single I would normally gift (in cash or physical gifts) $100-150. When my fiancé and I attend weddings we typically gift $300-$500 depending on how close we are to the couple and how formal the event is.

    For a DW, I think it's okay to lower the gift a little if need be. You do go to a greater expense to get there due to travel. The only DW I have ever attended the groom paid for our entire travel expenses and lodged us. They are our absolute best friends and made such a nice gesture that we gifted them a very nice sum equal to what we would have spent on all our travel. That's def special circumstances though. 
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    I am in North Jersey and we usually give about $300 for the 2 of us, unless we are very close to the couple and then we give more. So $350 for NYC sounds about right.
  • Thank you for the help! Great to hear what is the going rate as I haven't been to a wedding in NYC in 5 years. Much appreciated.
  • I don't know , I mean of you live in the states where every possible store delivers, I don't think you should ask your guests for money even if your wedding is in the middle of Africa! That's just plain tacky ( come to my wedding the cover fee is $400), money is only ok if the couple is moving to another country and it makes it impossible for them to bring the gifts and if they already have everything a registry for the honeymoon applies. You were really generous!!!! I think if you can't afford a wedding is better to not do one instead of asking people to pay for their attendance
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