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Asheville help needed

Hi all!  
I live in Fort Lauderdale and will be getting married on September 27 in Weaverville.  I won't be there again until 2 days before the wedding.  Finding it hard to plan some things.  ANY info or comments are appreciated.
Small ceremony/reception on my fiance's family farm.  Maybe 3-7:00 pm.

Can anyone tell me what to expect weather wise?

I'm sure many people will want to leave after the party, but we want somewhere to go after that will have a fun atmosphere where we can eat and drink the night away.  We planned for Jack of Hearts, but they're closed now.  Suggestions?

For food, I was thinking BBQ catering.  Is Luella's any good?

Any recommendations for inexpensive bakers and florists?  Looking for simple.  Flowers will be in mason jars on long tables outside.

I would love for out of town guests to have nice cabins to rent, as well as my hubby to be and I.  Anywhere you do or don't recommend?

Thanks so much and CONGRATS to all of you!

Re: Asheville help needed

  • We ate at Luella's and enjoyed came highly recommended by the locals.

    As for flowers I HIGHLY recommend working with the folks at Whole Foods/Greenlife Grocery (same thing). Shannon (she is the one doing all of the arranging and my primary contact) was absolutely AMAZING and they can do or order anything that you want. They did my bouquet (again, anything that you want), as well as my H's boutonniere, 2 grandmothers corsages and flowers for the top of my wedding cake and everything came out to less than $120 including tax!

    You might look at Pack's Tavern and see if that is something you had in mind.

    Also, though not cabins there are some really nice condos about a mile out of downtown Asheville called The Residences at Biltmore. They have 1, 2 and 3BR options and several of our families stayed there and enjoyed it (we have also stayed there in the past). They have several different rates and may also work with you on group rates.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Congratulations and happy planning :)
  • I was considering Packs, so I'm glad you mentioned it.

    Whole Foods is an AWESOME idea.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.  

    I will check into the Residences.  

    Have a great wedding!!!

  • Believe me, I understand what it's like to plan from several hours away with limited ability to actually see or experience the things you're arranging for your guests :) More than happy to help!

  • Here's some recommendations from an Asheville native. Weather wise, in September expect daytime highs in the 70s and nightime lows in the 50s. For BBQ, I agree on Luellas, also check out Moes and Okie Dokies. (12 Bones is the best but they don't deliver or serve, though you can hire staff for that.) For an after party, I concur on Pack's, also the Cantina, Hickory Tavern, or Vincenzos, and a new one that is really fun is the Dueling Piano bar, but no food there. Ox bow cabins in Weaverville are good for lodging. Well bred bakery in weaverville is closest. For flowers search for flower farms; any of them can do the type of arrangements you want. Good luck!
  • Thanks so much!!
  • Oh my god, flower farms are a great idea!!! I just googled and found a ton near Asheville. It looks like most of them will pick for you, or you can do pick-your-own, and they're so incredibly affordable! Sweet Earth, Lady Luck, Flying Cloud, Full Sun... I never would have thought of that, so thank you!!!
  • I went to school in Asheville and I have a few recommendations, as well. As far as an after party, I think Pack's is a good choice. I also like Lexington Avenue Brewery (LAB), which makes really good beer and also food. Luella's bbq is great, right by the UNC campus and close to the highway if you're travelling to Weaverville. The good thing about downtown Asheville is that it isn't very big, so if you go to Pack's Tavern and decide to bar hop, you've got a lot of choices within walking distance, including LAB. If you want dessert at some point, go to the French Broad Chocolate Factory, they are open late on weekends and serve wine and tons of different desserts, not limited to chocolate. Their gingerbread cookie dipped in chocolate is ahhhmazing. And no, the Chocolate Fetish is not as good. Trust me. 

    If the weather is nice, look into the Wedge in the River Arts District- it's a brewery that has lots of outside seating. It's super close to the French Broad River. It's not walking distance from downtown, but there is a great scene in the River Arts district. 

    I also recommend Whole Foods (Greenlife on Merrimon Ave) for the flowers. Everyone is so nice there, always pleasant to work with. Also, check them out for cake/baked goods. 

    Other spots I recommend while you're in Asheville in case you or guests have down time: Dobra Tea House downtown is wonderful- lots of different teas and snacks, you can sit on the floor with lots of pillows (no alcohol, but a nice place to relax). I also like Asheville Brewing Company, it's a pizza place and they make their own beer, and there's also a movie theater where you can sit at tables and eat and drink beer. And White Duck Taco for lunch. I'm actually honeymooning in Asheville this fall and cannot wait to go back to White Duck Taco- so so good! 

    As for places to stay, I have a friend with a little cabin that is really cute, about 15 minutes south of Asheville. There is only one, though, so I'm not sure if that is any help. 

    If you or someone else is interested in hiking or staying out where it's quieter and more surrounded by nature, this is a great little spot. 

    Hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any more questions and I'll do my best to help. 

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