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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about going to all the wedding shows coming up (National Wedding Show, Total Wedding Show, and The Wedding Room) and I have a few questions..

What exactly is a wedding show? Do I need to go? I'm having a destination wedding.. do I need to go? LOL. I'm not very keen on going but my mom really wants to go.. 


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  • I have a feeling your mom wants to go because she is excited to plan with you and wants to have the experience of going to a show with you. I would do it just for my momsake. My friend had a destination wedding and she went to the show - some resorts are there but you will probably need to do a little more research beyond the show. There are also planners there who specializes in destination. You can check out the invitation vendors and fashion shows. You might not need as many vendors but it`s always fun to have some cake samples. 

    Briderella Blog is running a contest for a free pair of tickets to The Wedding Room if you are interested. That show is in February downtown and it`s suppose to be pretty nice. Total show is this weekend and National Show I think has passed or will be passing soon. 
  • Thanks for your input! After asking friends and stuff, I decided that we might as well go to the Total Wedding Show (happening this weekend!). I figure it's worth a look, like you mentioned there are some things that might be useful for me. Plus I hear there's free magazines! haha. 

    If this one turns out to be any good, I might go to the others.
  • We went to the show in Hamilton this past weekend.  It was worth it for the magazines alone! :) I am not sure how helpful it would be for you with a destination wedding though as the focus is on local vendors.
  • While most brides-to-be I know are/were SUPER into going to the shows with friends- even taking in multiple shows I have to admit that I wasn't super into it when we were engaged last year. My husband (finace at the time) brought me to one after his Mom told us how awesome they are. It was kind of fun and interesting- we were newly engaged and it was fun to get some ideas and talk to some vendors- it might be even less interesting for you since you're having a destination wedding you may not be able to do business with most of the vendors there anyways. 

    Having said that, hope you have fun at the Total Wedding Show- it's sort of a once-in-a-lifetime experience to go, and you will probably have fun with your Mom regardless of whether you find the show helpful or not. I guess it's all personal preference.
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  • Thanks for the input everyone!

    I went to the Total Wedding Show and it was good, there were a few vendors geared towards destination weddings so that was useful. I picked up a stack of magazines and a wedding planner and my mom and sister enjoyed trying cakes so all in all it was a good afternoon!
  • Thanks for the info ladies! I was wondering the same about these shows... I think it's as much about the excitement/experience as it is being actually useful :)
  • Glad you had a fun afternoon! :) 
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