What about the kids....

For our wedding favors, we got wine cork stoppers. They have hearts on them, made from metal. They're all individually wrapped with red ribbons. What about the kids though? What should we do for them? There is only 9 kids ranging from 2-17 that will be there. I was thinking about doing individual wrappers for smores.... are there any other ideas though? The wedding is Feb 15!

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  • I think anything edible would be the way to go. The smores sounds cute, or you could do gourmet popcorn or a fun bag of assorted candy.
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    You could coordinate it with your adult favor theme and have heart shaped cookies or candies.  Or you could bag up any type of candy that is red and white.
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    S'mores or another edible would be fine. Don't be surprised if adults try to switch favors though!

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    chibiyui said:
    S'mores or another edible would be fine. Don't be surprised if adults try to switch favors though!
    I agree, I'd want the edible favor!
  • I'm doing personalized m&ms, wedding buttermints and a glass coaster that will double as a table/name card for their seat at the table. They can swap the name card out and plop a photo in there later on to reuse it if they want. I anticipate some coasters left behind, but the edibles will more than likely be gone.
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    FI & I are doing these filled with kitkat and mini reese's cups. Placing the box on each guest's plate.
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  • For the kids I am ordering the little happy meal type boxes from Oriental Trading and filling them with crayons and activity books and more birthday party type toys.  They were really inexpensive and will double as entertainment for the kids if the wedding gets too "grown up" for them.  I stayed away from candy because between allergies and kids who are super sensitive to sugar I didn't want it to have the opposite effect and wire the kids up or cause a fight between the kids and the parents about eating them there. 
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  • The 8 kids at my wedding ranged in age from 4 to 10 and they were all siblings/cousins, so they got to sit at their own table (right next to their parents...).  I brought lots of goodies (activity/coloring books, crayons, Toy Story/Cars/Disney Princess figurines, noise makers) to my venue beforehand for them to scatter around the table when they set the favors at all the adult tables.  I also made goodie bags with candy for each kid.  The small toys and candy made up their favors, they all seemed pretty content.

  • Definitely candy or some sort of edible goodie. Although the s'mores idea is awesome!

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  • I'd go the crayon/small toy route unless you're absolutely sure the kids are allowed to have sugar/processed treats (and that late at night - might cause meltdowns if they see candy and Mommy says they can't eat it right now). If you do go with sweet treats, I'd label each one with the child's name so nobody steals it and they get stuck without one (aka more crying).

    I'm planning on turning some of our engagement pictures into line drawings and making little coloring books out of them to put on each of the tables where kids will be seated.

  • Just met with our Coordinator at the Venue... she told me one couple had paid to repaint her walls because the child of a guest had decided the crayons were for more than just the coloring books... we aren't sure if we are going to put the kids away from the walls or give them as a parting gift.  Most of the kids I am not worried about but there is one... so thought I'd share.  You know the kids you are inviting, something to think about... 
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  • I am having limoncello favors/place cards.  My grandparents make it themselves so I figured making it with them would be a nice way to bond/spend time with them and have them included in the wedding.  But we are having about 12 people who are under 21 so we are going to give them lemonade. 

    I would say that guests may want to switch to the edible favors but I've found the people typically like the wine bottle stoppers. They are functional and you could always use one.  Smores are one of my favorite snacks so I think that is a great idea! 
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    We made s'mores bags, so they are filled with the graham crackers, chocolate & marshmallows. They have the names & table number on them so no adults get confused. I think the adults will all love the wine stoppers. They are individually wrapped with red ribbon on the boxes. Only 5 more days!!! Can't wait!   
  • Here is a little DIY printable book for kids to keep them busy

  • I bought bags from Oriental Trading that have a stick figure bride and groom on it, and plan on filling it with little things for the kids.  We have about 7 kids that are under the age of 10 that are coming, and I don't think salt water taffy would be the best thing for them.
  • We will have 30-40 under 18s. They are all getting fleece tied blankets - older kids in a twin xlong as several will be starting college or just started so any extra blanket is appreciated, younger just the normal size. Then Legos, Silly Putty, various other toys as we find them, a special drink ticket for the night where they get their own bar with fun kid drinks, some snack type fun, comfy slippers. Plus, hiring a bunch of sitters. One room will be the snooze room (any kid who wants the heck out of dress clothes gets to change into jammies), so Mom and Dad can enjoy the reception together. Then a quiet room - for rocking kids, reading, just a break whatever. Then the next room will be coat check. Then a play area. Will have videos, video games, toys, etc. I figure half us adults will visit at least once. Again, sitters there. Older kids who want to are going to a movie with parental approval.

    It's a lot, but they are almost all OOT and a number are international. If parents are willing to haul kids along, we're making sure that the kids have fun and that parents get a night off.
  • The wedding was a month & a half ago- I don't need anymore ideas. Thank you though!
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