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Ceremony site

I am looking for a ceremony site that is budget friendly...and I don't mean $500-1000 to use a space for 30 mins. That is what I am finding lately. Long story short my father's health has taken a turn for the worse so chances are, he will not make my 2015 wedding that we are having out of state so...we are planning a small ceremony for our family here next month so we can be sure my father can attend but now I'm scrambling for a ceremony site for roughly 14 people.

Any ideas?


Re: Ceremony site

  • Check out local city/county parks and community centers. They often have picnic tables and/or ramadas you can use for the reception area and usually open spaces you can use for the ceremony. Parks have plenty of natural and manicured beauty around, so flowers aren't necessary! 

    In which cities are you searching for reception venues?
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