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I posted this in another board, but I don't think it was the right place. So, here it is again:

So our wedding venue is out of town and we have planned a trip with all the bridesmaids to visit the venue, visit florists, cake tastings, stay in the hotel we'll be staying at for the wedding, go bridesmaid dress shopping, and just have a good time (where the bridesmaids can get to know each other before it gets too crazy). I wanted to get them all something small - nothing expensive - just something that says I appreciate them making the trip, kind of like a pre-attendant gift gift. 

However, I have no idea what to get them. So do you guys have any ideas?

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    I would get them something tailored to the individual. Or giftcards, everybody likes giftcards.

  • It really depends but definitely personalized. If you get jewelry like bracelets or pendants, think of each of their style and personality. If you get them all the same, it's more like something uniform to wear on your wedding. It's no longer really a gift. Something monogrammed is an option as well.
  • For each of my BMs I got them a shirt of something they love.

    My Maid of Honor is a HUGE Wicked fan so I got her a Wicked shirt from Hot Topic.

    BMs - one is an anime fan and the other is a Zelda fan. =)
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  • How about just paying for their dinner one night or something?
  • If everyone likes it, I would do chocolates or a bottle of wine.  Or take them out for dinner, breakfast or drinks.

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