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Learned something about breakfast and carbs, want to share

Ok, went to a health seminar last weekend, and learned something crazy helpful.

I have a really hard time with snacks, not so much with meals. Around 10am and 3pm I feel like I'm starving, but I've fixed that now.

Having straight carbs for breakfast (toast, oatmeal, whatever) sends your blood sugar through the roof. Then it crashes horribly and you have to eat. Then you crash... then eat... They recommended eating just protein (eggs and bacon, cheese or something) for breakfast- try it for 3 days, and see how you feel. I did, and holy crap it's so much better. My body still expects food around 10am, but I can ignore it then eat a good lunch. So by eliminating one snack in the morning (and only having a single snack in the afternoon, because no one should go 7 hours without food, it throws your blood sugar off), I've cut calories and feel loads better mood wise.

The other thing is using the term "releasing weight" rather than "losing weight". The reasoning is that when you lose something, what do you do... you try to find it! Just mentally rearranging what you want to do... you want to get rid of it permanently, not yo-yo. I hadn't been losing much (maybe a half pound a week) but I sh!t you not I'm lost a couple pounds this week just from this and my other lifestyle changes.

I wanted to share and see what you guys think =)


Re: Learned something about breakfast and carbs, want to share

  • A high protein diet (over high carb diet) is definitely more healthy than a carb-heavy diet.  Eggs, bacon, and cheese aren't really a "healthy" breakfast.  You're better off focusing on lean proteins (like chicken or majority eggs white) then high fat proteins like bacon and cheese.  Ignoring hunger at 10am isn't a great idea either-why not have a scoop of protein powder (mixed with water?)
  • Well eggs and bacon for an example anyways. I usually do egg whites with spinach and chicken or something, but most things are better than just toast.

    And I think the idea is that this really eliminates hunger in the morning (or me anyways). I've just trained my body to expect food every couple hours, and I end of eating something not good for me. So I'm breaking that habit, and I think it's really helping. (Also, protein powder makes me ill haha).

  • I feel best in the morning with a whole grain and something with protein, so oatmeal and yogurt.  On the weekends Fi and I usually make omelettes with whatever veggies are left in our fridge from the week.

    The biggest hurdle for me is actually getting up to prepare breakfast instead of just grabbing the first thing I see.
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  • For quick breakfast, you could make an egg-white casserole and portion them out into individual containers for grab and go (or just make egg-white "muffins" the same way but in a muffin tin).  I don't have any specific recipes, but you can easily throw in whatever you like-lean chicken breast, asparagus, spinach, red peppers-mix in a baking dish (egg whites, or egg beaters even) and bake.  I actually do individual containers-I crack the eggs, separate the yokes, and put the whites into the zip loc screw top containers.  Sometimes I add asparagus, sometimes I put the whites over spinach.  I grab and go in the morning and just pop in the microwave for 3 minutes when I get to work. It's like the burrito bowl of omelettes (and eggs cook shockingly well in the microwave)
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