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Private Homes for receptions?

Hi everyone!
I am new here and I finally came on to the message boards hoping for some guidance. I am looking to get married in December and I am (trying!) to have a small wedding (ideally 50 MAX 75). I thought it would be really nice and unique to rent a private residence to have the reception there. I have seen some beautiful places in Star Island or the Venetian Islands however, a lot of them won't allow events during the rental.

Does anyone recommend any venues that are private residences which allow events? 
The only one that has been welcoming to the idea is The Temple House in Miami Beach but I'd really like more options

Thank you all!

Re: Private Homes for receptions?

  • Have you tried Thaletta? Its like a mini Deering Estate.
  • Its beautiful and I had seen it earlier but I'm looking for something closer to downtown/the beach :(
  • @mdiaz38 I looked for the same at first but really did not find anything in my price range. Everything is found in miami beach area was over $10K and i just couldnt justify the price for just a venue. 
    Another option in Miami Beach which i thought was really cute and can fit your guest was the miami beach botanical. they have indoor/outdoor are which is really cute. 
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