Memphis Bachelorette Party

Hey guys, I'm trying to get an early (very early) start on planning my future-sister-in-law's bachelorette party, but I'm having a hard time finding what I'm hoping to do...

She loves make-up and trying new things out with make-up so I was thinking something along the lines of this: The small group of us (probably 5 or fewer people) get together and have a make-over/consultation type thing and then have a mini photo-shoot with everyone done up and made up. Then maybe dinner and stuff after. 

The problem is I'm having a hard time finding a photographer/make up person that does this type of stuff. (This is the only one I've found and its way too expensive: http://www.amphotography.us/beauty-parties/). It doesn't necessarily have to be the same person/company that does it - I'd be open to hiring a make-up artist AND a photographer.... (Or do the photos myself, as I'm not half bad with a camera. :P)

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!!

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    I would suggest doing your own pictures of each other so like a slumber party/makeup party/picture party with drinks and food.
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