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So I was just wondering if anyone else ran into this "issue".  I just got engaged (a few months ago).  I was never one of those girls who planned her wedding from childhood.  I actually quoted until the day my fiance proposed that I would never get married.  Well,now I'm engaged and a few months in I've sort of become OBSESSED with wedding planning.  I look at pictures online every morning with my coffee and look at venues online etc.  My wedding is almost 2 years away still so picture browsing is about all I can do at this point.  Anyways, does anyone else have similar experiences?

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  • Um YES!  I don't know what happened to me... I was 100% about a destination wedding, didn't care about anything, and after I got engaged I was overwhelmed with excitement and now I feel somewhat obsessed in the sense it is all I think about!  I have already locked down some details and I feel like that has eased my craziness a little bit....
  • Absolutely!! Been engaged since Dec. 23 ( not even a whole month) and I am soooo obessesed!! I browse ideas and prices and dresses, etc almost every day...during my lunch break at work and my whole evening when I get home. Smh!!
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    I am sort of similar.  Never really thought about getting married, never dreamed about my dress.  I love to party, so I always had a vague idea that my wedding would be really fun.  But I never dreamed about, say, getting a day as a "princess" or something.

    Well, then I dated this awesome guy at 15 years old, and we just never broke up.  Now it's ten years later.  Said awesome guy HAS been dreaming about his wedding since he was a little kid.  We are now having a major wedding with all the trappings, Saturday evening, open bar, dancing, the works.  Even our brunch engagement party seemed slightly over the top to me-- I hadn't realized it, but it's awkward to be the center of attention all day!

    I've had a few moments in wedding planning where I'm like, let's go to the courthouse already!!  But I'm sure that when I'm dancing my butt off in a big poofy white dress, it will be an awesome time.
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  • I'm the same!  Before we were engaged, I was set on eloping in the mountains, but my fiance always wanted to have full-on wedding and party.  I got on board with it and now all I want to do is wedding plan!  Luckily, we're only having a 10 month long engagement so I've been able to book a lot of things.  Sometimes I start to feel silly for thinking so much about one day, but I'm trying to just embrace the excitement.  I think a bonus of never dreaming about a wedding is that you're not disappointed when you start to see what's actually in your budget :)

  • Haha! let me join the club. I got engaged Jan 1st and I have been non-stop researching prices and reviews. I have 2.5 years which is plenty of time but I feel like I know nothing so I am taking this time now to read everything I can and find out what I don't know. My FH has been a great sport through it too. He even went to a bridal show with me this past weekend.
  • Yes, I got engaged 12/25, I don't even remember what I used to do with my spare time before because now it seems like all I do is look at pictures and research for my wedding!
  • I'm the exact same way! I've been engaged for about 6 months, I try not to annoy my fiance with all my wedding planning and changes. Lol just kidding he's been amazing through my craziness. But I've become very interested in what I wanna do and how I want certain things to look. It's pretty bad actually, I would go a couple days into planning,and then I would try to stop but then something else would pop into my head and I would go again. I'm having a long engagment (3 years) and people keep telling me that I should wait, you still have time, but I just can't help it!
  • Yes, I was the exact same way. I didn't think I would ever get married, didn't have any fantasy wedding ideas growing up and then when I got engaged it was a complete turn around! Im having a blast planning our wedding and I have been told that the planning is more fun than the actual event so keep on enjoying!
  • Just looked at our first venue today and they don't have pricing yet for 2016 hehehe but it was still nice to get out there early!
  • Completely obsessed! Every day I am looking at something wedding. It is all very overwhelming already. It hasn't even been a month yet since the proposal and the big day will be just over a year from now. I am looking forward to the bridal shows I have planned going to though, in hopes that helps with seeing things in person and talking to vendors to get a better idea about everything.
  • I had wanted a simple backyard wedding. Then I got engaged. Now I'm freaking out about venues, live bands, and all that stuff. Ack!
  • Ok I calmed down an realized that  have more than 2 years lol. I have been playing with DYI though to see if I can get anything done. Problem is FI and I have to decide on a DYI before I really make a ton of one thing for center pieces.
  • Yup got engaged Feb 15 and im already adding more to my pinterest boards(yup ive been planning since i met him) lol
  • I've been basically the same way. BUT, the good news, is the excitement of getting to plan has given me more energy during the day, and I'm actually waking up and GETTING up earlier. Lol, I'm sure once all the hard-hitting stuff comes around I'll be wishing I could sleep in, but for now I'm enjoying the renewed energy.

    We got engaged on February 14th and have planned our wedding for March of next year, so plenty of time between now and then to drive myself crazy, lol.
  • yay for next march lace &pearls!!!
  • My fiance and i just decided that because we are going to be paying for the wedding ourselves, we decided that our wedding is going to be much smaller, kinda like an elopement but not really. Like instead of having 50 guests, we shrunk it down to 20, and we also found a package for an inn here in CT that allows us to customize it and have everyone there. So I think it's going to work out for the best. All we both really want at the end of the day is to be married and to have everyone there, I don't really care about where we have it or what we have.
  • I keep getting waves of obsession over it.  I think I have a good idea of which friends like hearing about wedding ideas and which could care less.

    FI is a firefighter, and he works 3 days on, 4 days off.  I was afraid I would overwhelm him with wedding stuff as soon as he came home, but I think I've been pretty good so far!  I'm trying to only mention small things and save bigger discussions for when he brings them up because we're still about 14 months out right now.  No hurry.  :-)
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