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Monroeville Shower Venues Needed !!!!

hey ladies !!!!
Does anyone have any suggestions for places to hold a bridal shower in the Monroeville area?  
The guest list is going to be like 80 people (with only 4 of us funding it) so we need places that are well under $20 a head.  
And within the bridal party we're also struggling to agree on what to spend.  Some want to spend $25 a head & some need like $11 a head.  

None of us are from that area so we're relying on google :/ to find venues. 

Thank you!!!!

Re: Monroeville Shower Venues Needed !!!!

  • Your best bet would be to find a cheap caterer to bring in the food or to each chip in and make a couple dishes and just rent out a conference room at one of the hotels. The Cooked Goose has cheap catering. You could look into renting out Garden City Hall but they don't include food.
  • yeah, we're definitely looking into halls & catered but we haven't found ANY halls that DONT already come with a caterer. Nor have we found somewhere "nice."   None of us are from the east (all from south hills) so we're not overly familiar with what is out there … so we're stuck relying on google.  
  • 80 is a really big guest list.  Personally I don't like attending showers of that size.  If you can narrow down the list it should help with budgeting, finding a place and making the shower more enjoyable for guests.

    Can you hold it at the same place as your reception?  They may give a good deal for adding on anther event.

  • Stratigos banquet center is not very far, but I don't know their pricing.  Also, there are plenty of hotels in Monroeville so you could look into having it in one of those.  There may be an indoor room at Boyce park or a pavilion if it is a summer shower.  Also, check into Flowers in the Attic, but I'm not sure they can accommodate 80 people.  Also, there is the Wooden Nickel and Palmieri's.  You could also look into Oakmont and nearby country clubs.
  • hey girls - I got married in December, so this isn't my shower.   I'm in a wedding later this summer (one of my bridesmaids) and so I'm asking on her behalf.  They are having a destination wedding so we also can't piggyback on a local venue.  But that was a great suggestion :)

    @CSUAVE - 80 is a ginormous number :(  We know .. But it's the bride's guest list, so we have to run with what she gives us.  I wish we could have 2 different showers ….

    we're also struggling with her request to not have it be like a big pot luck thing where everyone is bringing food & it's all like 'patched' together… if that makes sense.   She wants something nice & not their usual big family unfancy get togethers.  

    We've talked to a few hotels, most everything is $20 a person (which is gonna run us $400 on food alone) so we're trying to stay down around $15.   I really like the outdoor idea andosfiance !!!  I wonder if the other 'maids would go for it ??  They too are contributing to unrealistic expectation of us shelling out an endless supply of cash.   I'm not stating this a complaint, just adding more information on why we're struggling with money as opposed to bitching about money.  I know it costs money to be in a wedding.  But since it's a destination wedding, we're all invested for $2000 just for the travel/lodging then throw in shower, bachelorette parties, dress …  2 of the Bridesmaids have their lodging paid for so they are saving the $2000 the other 2 of us have to spend.  

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    **Disclaimer...I have not been to any of these or know anyone who have used them, but I live out that way and wanted to help you in your quest!

    http://www.palmierisrestaurant.com/palmieris-banquet-guide-.html - This place is in Plum and accomodates up to 125.  Lunch buffet is $17/pp.

    http://jadenscatering.com/ - in Monroeville on Rte 22.  I didn't look at all of the info but they have a space big enough, but there are room rental fees.

    http://www.pennmonroe.com/catering_and_banquets.htm - they can seat up to 120, in the heart of Monroeville

    This is in Murrysville but not too far from Monroeville/Plum area.  I have eaten here and they have decent food, and they have mutliple shower packages in your price range (not sure how many they can accommodate but there is a minimum of 50 people mentioned for one of the packages so they might be able to do 80)...http://puglianositaliangrill.com/showers-weddings/


     http://tolericos.net/banquetpage.html - In Monroeville, they mention they are related to What's Cookin At Casey's in Oakmont, which I have eaten at many times and they have pretty decent food as well.






  • I am also from Monroeville and have heard great things about Pugliano's (I know someone who had a wedding shower there and now a baby shower). I've been to two graduation parties at Jaden's banquet rooms, very good food. I think their pricing is fair, too. I've also had food catered from there, still very good. I have eaten at Palmieri's once, food was good but to me the location is kind of out of the way and hard to find-ish.
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    My friend had her shower at the Holiday Inn on Mosside Blvd. The hotel did cater the food but I know we had different options (i.e. sandwiches and wraps vs. a full blown sit down meal). The cost was reasonable but we split it between 6 bridesmaids and I can’t recall exactly how many guests she had.  The space was basically a nice open hall which didn’t need much décor (I think they have several halls, this one was on the 2nd floor). Not sure if it’s what you looking for but figure it’s an idea?
  • oh my god, thank you all !!!!!!!  This is awesome, I'll check into these tomorrow :)   
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