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Caterers and the Southwest School of Art

We are getting married at the Southwest School of Art and we need help deciding on a caterer. There is a list of Approved Caterers and we would like to know if anyone has any recommendations on who they liked or didn't like. Thanks.


Re: Caterers and the Southwest School of Art

  • My first wedding (over 10 years ago) was at SWSAC and we used Anne Maries...I was super young and having a wedding just to have one so my recommendation is based on basically just attending and not being "active" in the planning process, my mom did most of the planning...however, the food was really good. We stuck with San Antonio Tex-Mex cocktail hour and heavy hor devours outside in the courtyard then moved inside, dont even remember what we ate for a meal but regardless...the setup was nice, and Anne Maries was very familiar with the venue so they had a great plan laid out...hope that helps a little...
  • Anne Marie's catered my wedding at the SWSAC last month, and did an outstanding job!
  • Awesome. Thanks
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