Tent Rentals Waukesha/Milwaukee

Im looking for affordable tent rentals in the Waukesha area. Any suggestions?

Re: Tent Rentals Waukesha/Milwaukee

  • Married in Milwaukee has a great list of rental companies in the area. I'd check out their blog :)
  • I haven't used them as I ended up not renting anything, but in doing my research, it seemed Area Rental out of New Berlin & Delafield had the best prices I could find.
  • If you know someone who belongs to a parish in the area, see if the knights of columbus have a tent for rent.  I was so upset seeing $500 or more to rent a tent because we just need it for overflow and just in case it rains!  One of my friends belongs to a parish in the local area, they are renting the tent for me and its only $150 to rent a 20'x40' tent!  
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  • Awesome thank you! We are looking for a tent for overflow in case of rain as well. 
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