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bridesmaid color issue...please help!

My subject line is much more alarmist than it really is. Well my bridesmaid dresses are eggplant von vonni transformer dress and look very much like the iconic marilyn monroe subway dress (half the reason i chose them) anywho, I'm having issues with the other colors. I'm bouncing back and forth between peach/dusty rose and gold. i love gold as an accent color but i feel like it doesn't go so i'm thinking of just going the eggplant and gold, and call it a day because i just can't see a way to get all three of them to work. Any suggestions, we were also thinking about peach peonies and gold shoes but again not sure if it really melds.

Re: bridesmaid color issue...please help!

  • Have you talked to a florist?  I just met with mine today.  I'm using oranges, deep pinks & purple with deep purple bm dresses.  The girls don't have them yet, but I know the shade of purple  I'm going for.  I think peach/dusty rose and gold would look nice.  I think they are lighter versions of the colors I'm using.  My color inspiration is from sunset.  I say go for it!
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