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Wedding Venue NYC - Help?!

Hi, Im planning my wedding in NYC and i live in England so im doing it long distance!

Ive lined up a few venues to have a look at when i fly out there next month but would love to have some more suggestions!

I have approx 30 guests and would like a plated meal. I would prefer to be in a private area than part of the restaurant. Ideally somewhere with a view that we can have a dance in after we eat. Budget wise im looking around $150.00 per person but i wouldnt rule out spending more if its the right place. I know im asking alot but surely somewhere must fit!!

I really like the look of Battery Gardens? Im not sure on the size of the venue though.

We are looking at a Feb wedding unless we find somewhere with outdoor space that would work better in the warmer months.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Re: Wedding Venue NYC - Help?!

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    I posted in your other thread, but also check out Hotel Giraffe and NoMad hotel.  Not sure Battery Gardens will do such a small group in a private room?  The Eventi Hotel also has a smaller room they will rent out (they won't give you the whole ballroom for only 30 people).
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    Hi Ashlea! I'm another bride trying to arrange a long distance wedding! I'm frm Ireland! Finding things tricky but I've finally booked our reception! Because we are irish we fancied the Fitzpatrick Grand Central as we will be staying here for the 2 weeks so suited well. We are having our reception in the patio area which will be lovely when done up. I've 32 guests & counting, feel free to private mail me. Might be nice to catch up on Facebook private mail &2p we could exchange notes!! Thanks xx
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    I love the NoMad, but you should check out Battery Gardens, I feel like I attended an affair there a few years back that was on the smaller side?
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