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Wedding shows - fun freebies or a total waste?

So my sister is on leave in a couple weeks and wanted to help plan her own wedding. We are 90% sure that this will end up being a destination, but just in case, she wants to check out local vendors. She is interested in going to a wedding expo. I've never been to one so is there anyone out there that can tell me if these things are really helpful or just a waste of a couple hours? Should she bring her checkbook - do people actually get their vendors at these things? The whole thing seems a little crazy to me.

Re: Wedding shows - fun freebies or a total waste?

  • @mrscinema

    I have been to 3 of them since being engaged. I think they are a lot of fun and you get a lot of good information.
  • I wouldn't say they are a total waste of time, but they weren't overlly helpful either.  I did two in the Milwaukee area and I did find my Photographer and Florist there.  It was nice to see all the certain type of vendors at once.  However, I did find it was crazy and busy I coudn't really talk to vendors like I wanted to.

    Don't worry about bringing a checkbook. I didn't see anyone putting a deposit down at the show.  Do bring a calendar, vendors will usually give you show deals if you make an appointment at the show.  Also bring address labels if you have them.  Mom printed some up for me and it saved alot of time filling out information sheets.

    For desitnation weddings I have seen alot of travel agents at these shows, and dress shops.  She'll still need a dress. 

  • Thank you! I'll take all this into consideration. She's too busy to really plan her wedding so I think this is giving her an afternoon to throw herself into it.
    Thank you for the address labels tip! I didn't even think of that!
  • Another tip fot anyone going to bridal expos: make an email address just for your wedding.This was the best tip my sister gave me. You sign up for so many things, its so much easier to keep it all separate!
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