Bachelorette Party Ideas!!!!

Would love to hear from married and engaged girls regarding bachelor and bachelorette parties!  Any fun ideas to share?  Co-ed or separate...I'd love to hear what your plans are or what you married girls did!  Thanks!

Re: Bachelorette Party Ideas!!!!

  • We did a pole dancing class, best thing ever... lol it was SO much fun lol 
  • I love country music, so i'd really like to do an all day tailgate for a country concert and then the show.
  • a weekend in block island :) nothing better than a bucket of corona's on the beach!
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    you should visit the Cadillac ranch in southington  even if you dont like country music its so much fun. they have a mechanical bull you can ride they have jello shots in actual plastic syringes and regular shots in test tubes its a fun time. they have line dancing but they have lessons at 8 partner lessons start at 8 and line lessons are at 830 .  its so much fun you wont even know you are at a country bar they have 2 bars the top bar and the back bar they have lots of seating and the and have a corral area on the stage that you can reserve if you have 30+ people coming, they have a full service food menu everything from wings and nachos to burgers and steaks. food and drinks are good i have been going there for the past 12 years

    i am huge into country and i line dance all the time there its where i am having my party but my sister whos my moh does not want to go there as shes not country but she will like it
  • These are some great ideas!
  • @hyechica81 - i never even thought of Cadillac Ranch! Thats perfect!
  • My sister is planning a day at some vineyards in Long Island for me! I love my wine so its perfect!


  • Local vineyards can be great as well. Some offer outdoor food with the wine and are close to the casinos too.
  • We are in Central CT and doing a BYOB painting class at a cute new place in West Hartford and bar hopping after! I've had friends do the vineyards, overnight in Newport, pole dancing classes, yoga classes, the casino, overnights in both Boston and NYC, and probably others I'm forgetting.

    I think a lot depends on what you want your girls to spend.
  • Going to Newport, RI for the weekend. My bridesmaids and friends are either in Massachusetts, CT, or NY so it seemed like a good location that wasn't something I've done before. (Been to a bunch of bachelorette parties in NYC and didn't want to do that.)  I know the casino was also an option and that's what my fiancé is doing for his bachelor party. 
  • I have a very tame plan-- I cannot drink anymore due to a medical condition, so no bars or wine for me (boo!!!).  My best friend and I have discussed having a "sleepover" like we used to host when we were kids, but at the hotel my FI works for.  The room we're planning to use has a projector so we'll have a bunch of our favorite movies, plenty of snacks and such.  We'll have alcohol for those who want to partake and some virgin margaritas or something for me.  My group of friends have been close since middle school, so this is a fun idea for us because it's how we spent so many weekends growing up.
  • i also might do a dinner before hand i have 2 maids that are jr high high school age so clubbing would not work for them so thinking dinner maybe pedis or manis then those who can come out and party can at the ranch
  • I love the cadillac ranch idea.  I'm not sure if my girls would go for it because we don't live in the area and I wouldn't want them to drink and then drive home.  If we could find a reasonable hotel room then they may agree...

    Another idea would be the casino (Foxwoods or Mohegan)...but there again, with the drinking and driving, we'll have to stay in the hotel..

    I LOVE the sleepover idea at the hotel!!!  That is so fun! 

  • We had a small bachelorette party of 6 girls and did a boudoir photoshoot at Debut Cinematic in East Windsor, CT. The owner, Karen, was a our photographer and provided wine, champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Each of us had our own session time with the photographer and then received a photo book with our pictures. Everyone was a bit nervous, but Karen is great and really made everyone feel comfortable and the bride-to-be absolutely loved it! She gave her book to her new hubby who loved it even more! The package came out to be about $125 per person, but that included food, alcohol and the book. I would highly recommend this as a fun and unique bachelorette party idea!!
  • Most of the bachelorette parties I've attended were overnights in NYC, Boston, AC or Vegas. My MOH/BMs are asking me ideas, and since I'm not a party until 5am type, I told them we could do a boozy brunch either in NYC or New Haven and then manicures and pedicures or whatever at a day spa and then dinner. Or any of those things, I'm not picky.

    I LOVE the sleepover idea though!

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  • MissNurse… you read my mind. Didn't really consider it before but it does sound pretty good (sand/Coronas). :)
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