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Has anyone ordered bridesmaids dresses from

I found my bridesmaid's dress on for a great price, but I am worried that this website may be like many other knock off websites that are not trustworthy. Has anyone had used this website before?


  • @jamiep99

    I have not ordered from there but I have heard mixed reviews. Be cautious though. If prices seem to good to be true or if there's not a lot of information about the dress or a way to contact the seller, etc. I would go elsewhere.
  • I ordered my BM dresses from  Great to work with and prices were much less than I saw in shops. And the dresses came in much sooner than they told me.  Can also try, or  I was in wedding 2 yrs ago and we ordered from the last one.  Also good, no problems.

  • Nope is a good place! It's actually the website that is associated with Here Comes the Bridesmaid, which is located in NYC. My girls and I actually just went there today - it was the first time we went out look and we found our dresses there! It's definitely not a rip-off, so I would feel totally comfortable ordering from the website. We're so close to the store itself though (right across the river in NJ) so we will probably order in store, but if I didn't live in the area I'd be very comfortable ordering through that site given my experience today. They have all the usual designers, and we tried a ton on today and they definitely were the real thing versus cheap knock offs. In fact, we went to a david's bridal right after and to be honest, all of their dresses looked so chintzy after our experience earlier.

    TL;DR - go for it! is reputable, associated with an actual store, and doesn't sell knock-offs :)
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