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How many hours should we book?

I am finding many photographers charge based on the number of hours you want them to shoot.  We are debating how long we should book one for.  Our ceremony starts at 6pm, should last about 30 minutes or so, and then we have a cocktail hour before the reception. The reception ends at midnight, but I do not think it is necessary for the photographer to stay that late.  We are going to do a “first look” before the ceremony as well, and I want to try and take some photos with the wedding party before the ceremony.  Any recommendations on how long we should book a photographer for?  Also, how late into the reception do you think the photographer to stay?  I am not sure if I care to have a ton of pictures of people dancing or not.  Thanks!

Re: How many hours should we book?

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    A lot of posters have said that they want their photo/video at least up to the cake because at that point it's just some more dancing and fun. I have been wondering the same. While I'd love a few nice pictures with the girls getting ready, I think we can do those pictures ourselves so that may save you 2-3 hours. It seems as though you'll need them for at least 6 hours, but a first look and WP pics you may need to book 8 hours (they have to set up/tear down equipment) which I have found in their basic packages.
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    It really depends on what pictures are a must have, and which ones are not. What time does your wedding start/end? Would you rather have coverage of you getting ready, or a grand exit (If you are having one) picture? Just something to think about. We get 8 hours with our photog. Some say 6 is plenty, you will just have to refer to the questions I have asked. GL!
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    Our wedding starts at 6pm, with the reception following until midnight at the same location. I want some photos of getting ready, not during the hair and makeup but maybe during the getting dressed part. I also want to do a first look before the ceremony.  We aren't going to do a grand exit, so I wont need photos of that, and I may want some pictures of people dancing but definitely not the entire night.
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    I would say an hour before you want to do your first look and then 30 mins to an hour after you cut the cake/ toss the bouquet/ whatever your last wedding trapping will be.

    Guessing here - but I'd say you need a minimum of 3:30pm - 8:30pm so 5 hours.
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    It really depends on what pictures are a must have, and which ones are not.

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    I agree. It all depends on what pictures you MUST have and you really don't care about. Most photographers are either 5-8 hour packages. We lucked out and have a photographer who isn't as well known but does amazing photos and we get him and his assistant for the entire day.
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