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Tips for curvier waist?

I have a slim built, but I'm not very curvy (35/28/38). I'd like to give the illusion of being a bit "curvier" than I am for the wedding so I'm: wearing a padded push up (making my small Cs look like full Cs) and working on my booty to make it "rounder", but I'd like to know if there are exercises than can help me get more of a "curve" at my waist. 

I'm working out to lose about 5 pounds (most of it will come off my stomach and thighs), but I also don't want to end up completely straight.

I've considered using some under garments to slim down my mid-section if I can't do it through working out (I'd rather wear normal sexy underwear under my dress).

Re: Tips for curvier waist?

  • I would have suggested squats to make the waist look smaller in comparison, but it sounds like you're already doing them.  Are you doing any Pilates-style ab moves?  I find Pilates or Physique 57 make my abs burn like nothing else will.  Lots of planks and side planks, bicycles, criss-cross crunches.  Advanced Physique has moves where you hold light weights against your chest (easier) or out in your hands (harder) while doing crunches, twists, etc.  So you add resistance to the abs and tone your arms a little while you're at it.

    But it really sounds like you don't have weight to lose!  I'm a 29 waist and wish I could truly get down to a 28.  It's hard when you're down to just the details, as it sounds like you are.  Good luck!
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  • @JCBride2014 has some great suggestions - Pilates is fantastic for abs.  

    Also, oblique crunches and Russian twists will really help you define your waist & get that hour-glass shape!
  • Check out Blogilates on YouTube - Cassey has some specific workouts for your waist. She's got the Muffin Top Meltdown and the Corset Workout. These are tough but I think I see some progress.
  • Pilates and spinning (believe it or not - lots of stabilization through your core to come up off the seat) are both great for whittling your waist!

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