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Black and gold dresses!

Re: Bachelorette Dress Idea

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I don't understand why everyone needs to wear black and gold. Why would they need to match a color "theme"?  Are you looking to have them match decorations or something? I just don't see the point. 

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    Don't make your friends wear a certain color to you bach party.  That is just silly and pointless.  Will you all wearing certain colors make the night that much more fun?  Really?

  • No matter how it was phrased, I'd roll my eyes at a request to wear specific colors. 
  • Don't do these. I've been to a couple dress-code bachelorette parties, and trust me, they are, and look, really eye-roll worthy. 

    I doubt any of them will wear silver or white, if that's your concern.
  • I would not try to get everyone at your bachelorette party to dress the same.  Where is this party being held?  I also don't think that changing it to just black so people don't have to buy new dresses isn't cool they have to wear dresses?  What if they want to wear some other kind of dressy outfit (cute shorts with heels and a pretty top, colored skinny jeans with heels, etc)?  Not everyone may want to wear a dress.
  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    I don't think this will affect your bach. Party, beyond pissing off your friend who looks super hot in blue.

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    For my bachelorette party in April, my MOH is wondering how to phrase on the invite that it is black and gold themed.  So she is thinking all the girls wear black and gold and I'll be wearing silver.

    Help is appreciated.

    We opened it up to black, so people wouldn't have to buy new dresses but we want everyone to follow for the theme so we all match and such.

    Why, though?  So you all can be an even bigger target for pervs and jerks trying to get you all drunk when you go out to the bars?

    Your Bachlorette party doesn't need a theme or color coordination of the participants.  People should be free to wear whatever they want and just go out and have a good time with you.

    What is up with posters on the site this week trying to control what everyone is wearing?!

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