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South Florida Bride- Evening Wedding

I'm a new knottie...lol. I think I've found my place. I'm looking to have a romantic evening with candles and fresh flowers. Any tips as to how I can save some money. I would like to stay under 18k.  Thanks! I look forward to connecting with others who are experiencing the jitters. lol

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  • You did not say how many guests or how many tables.  You don't have to be very talented to make nice vases.  Just go to Dollar Tree (www.dollartree.com).  If you have your order sent to a store, shipping is free.  Then just buy a ton of glue/modpodge and whatever you want to cover the vases with.  I have used glitter, fabric, and lace.  Whatever you choose, you need a final sealing coat of glue/modpodge.  Also, hydrangeas and baby's breath are extremely easy to arrange and can be pre-ordered at Publix for a very reasonable price.  Also, Dollar Tree sells a variety of tea light holders.  My favorite are the ones on stems, like wine glasses.  The underside of the base can be covered to match your vases, or you can decorate the cup that holds the candle.  Take a look on Pinterest and You Tube for ways to arrange the flowers.
    Best of Luck.
  • You also didn't specify when you want your wedding to be. I have a year until mine and I really want gold chargers but I don't want to pay more than $1.50 each. So everyday I am stopping by my local Michael's and buying one charger with the 40% off coupon. Yea, it's annoying, but it's going to save me money AND I can hopefully sell them to another bride! GL!


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