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How did you choose the songs that are featured in your wedding videos?

Just had a word with our videographer and he asked us to create a list for him which songs (10) we would like to have in our wedding video. I'm having a hard time deciding what kind of songs I should pick. 

I obviously included our first dance song and one that is played during the ceremony. Any advice? 

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  • I gave our songs off our must play list. I also asked for his suggestions. If he has been in the business for a while he probably has a fabs list.

    Check out White Dress by Ben Rector. Didn't work for mine, but one the best wedding video songs I've ever seen.

    10 is a LOT of songs. Why so many?
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  • Dunno, that's the number he gave us...we have a package that contains 8 hours of filming... 
  • I had trouble picking my first dance song, which is only one, not the ones that I have given my photographer for the slideshow ...
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