Suggestions on AFFORDABLE caterers

suggestions on affordable caterers in CT, sit down or buffet, $40 and under range.


  • I am not sure if they are within your budget, but we used Emily's Catering out of Bristol. The food was INSANELY GOOD, and the prices were reasonable, considering how great the food was. The owner, Rick, pays his staff very well, but it is totally worth it because everyone was amazing to work with. 

    We were so impressed when Rick gave us money BACK on the day of the wedding because we had fewer people that we had paid for two weeks earlier (some last minute family members could not make it). I just assumed he would keep the money, and never mentioned anything to him, but Rick gave us an envelop of cash at the end of the night. He was wonderful to work with, the food was amazing, and his prices were reasonable.

    I am sure others on TheKnot can give you recommendations as well, but I thought I would throw Emily's Catering in the mix.
  • It's a bit over your budget but i am using Ciao Catering. Tom who is my main contact there has been nothing but friendly and helpful through the whole process and they have heaps of very positive reviews online. I think their sit down and buffet dinners start at $48. Their prices include tax but they do charge a labour charge if there is under 75 guests. You can still check them out. 

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