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Planning Help Needed For Sports/Football Wedding

My fiance and I are big into sports, so we're thinking about doing a sports themed wedding. We're just having a little trouble executing it. Any help would be appreciated! Here's a few of our dilemmas:

We love football, my team the Patriots, his the Jaguars. We want the bridal party to wear our teams colors, but at the same time not clash. Patriots are red, navy, silver. Jaguars are teal, gold, silver. Thoughts??

For food, we want it to fit the theme, but still be elegant enough for a wedding. We found a caterer that can do a slider bar, but we want another food option. What other sports type foods are there that we can offer?

Thanks again for your help!

Re: Planning Help Needed For Sports/Football Wedding

  • You could do teal dresses with a silver sash/jewlery, and grey suits for the guys with teal ties/vests, and red flowers? You could tie the navy and gold in with other things at your wedding, napkins, centerpieces etc. 

    No clue on the food aspect, but a slider bar sounds good!
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