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Astra/River Cafe??

Hi Guys

Has anyone ever had/been to a wedding at Astra or River Cafe? I really like the look of both but not sure as i havnt been to either yet. I will be flying over in feb to take a look but be good to get some comments as to a real wedding taking place there.

I have 30 guests so im not sure how the venues would feel with that sized group as we are quite small.




Re: Astra/River Cafe??

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    I haven't been to Astra but I have been to River Cafe for a formal work dinner (my firm rented out the large private room they use for events).  The view is amazing and the food is high quality.  I think the room would be on the large side for 30 people though.  Do they have a smaller room they can offer you?
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    They havnt offered a different room as yet.There minimum head count was 30 though. Maybe by the time we have space for dancing and a singer it will fill the spoace a bit more

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Yeah I think if you have a dance floor it could work.  That's good that they're willing to do a 30 person minimum.
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    Astra is great but a little pricey.  I am sure they can accommodate you though.
    You could also try Trump SoHo - the hotel has a 46th Floor panoramic view of the city and does a reasonable Sunday brunch.  The service is wonderful and the food and drinks are great.  Carmines has a private area and is quite fabulous as well.  You can't lose with any of these choices.  

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