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Photographer/Videographer combo

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Hi everyone! I was curious as to your experiences having both a photographer/videographer at the wedding.
Did you hire them both from the same company, to have a similar style between pics/videos? Did you hire them separately? If you hired them separately, how did they work together, was it complementary or just too much? And finally, any suggestions ? I am in the process of trying to decide upon a few and I would really love some input! Thanks!!!!
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Re: Photographer/Videographer combo

  • We booked the preferred photographer and videographer of our venue.  Although separate companies they frequently worked together.  Everything worked out well.
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  • I believe in avoiding "companies" where they staffs and you don't know for sure who is going to actually show up on your wedding day and that's what you frequently get with these all-in-one shops.  As HobokenBride says, it's important that they know how to work together, but we wanted to hire a photographer who specializes in photograpy and a videographer who specializes in video.  You can get a better price from an all in one, but we were unimpressed with the quality of the few that we spoke with.
  • I agree with you about the "all-in-one" companies, when I said combo, I suppose what I meant was a photographer, that also has videoservices listed on their website. I have seen many examples of lets say smaller photographers that list this, and I was curious as to the quality. I am with you @Gordo2014 , I want to have people specialized in each. However, my concern came from the fact that in a way, the photographer and videographer have to work together, which is why I was considering a combo-team from the same company. But, I am still in the process of searching around. It is really difficult to make these final decisions!!
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  • OP - I'm in your position. I'm currently looking at big "studios" that have both services and I truly love their packages (but are above our budget and won't discount anything other than just add a few things that I could do on shutterfly). I am finding that the photogs and videogs I am meeting with next week (who don't do the other service) have better package deals for the price. They may have worked with the another service company they can recommend. Sometimes bigger studios outsource their products/editing too that they wind up having nothing to do with but just profit from portions.
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