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Wedding Invitation wording

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Most invites list the Bride first and then reference the Groom but the way I look at it is the Groom is supposed to be the head of the household so I think I want to give my fiance top billing on the invite.

Together with their families

Groom's First and Middle


My First and Middle

invite you to join them as they are married on.....

Has anyone else done this?  Thoughts? 

Re: Wedding Invitation wording

  • @ShellD13

    I have never seen it done this way and I am not doing it this way but they're your invites so you can do what you want. 
  • I've never heard of a groom being the head of household. Rather, I've heard that your father is the head of your household, and then your husband is. So, traditionally, your parents invite people to your wedding and then your father gives you away. I'd roll my eyes majorly at an invite that attempts to be "traditional" by showing that a man you are neither related to by blood nor marriage is the head of your household.
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