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Well ladies... this is going to be an eventful next 139 days. I am not engaged yet, officially anyways, but will be by March 1. With that said.... my soon to be husband and I have chosen to get married in Austin on (hopefully June 7). I am very aware we are cutting it close on a lot of things. However, sometimes things just have to happen within a specific window...

If you have any suggestions as far as hair, makeup, vendors and venues go... I welcome the information. I do not know Austin super well and will be spending time scouting that out very soon. I am really looking for a rustic/outdoorsy type of wedding.

Anywho, any help or direction you can give me would be much appreciated!

Re: Destination Austin

  • Heirloom Blooms is a gorgeous venue, and not too pricey either. If you don't mind spending a little more, Hummingbird House is absolutely breathtaking! Both are beautiful rustic / outdoorsey venues. I highly recommend Nutter Buster and Texas Pie Company for catering.
  • @firebabe6519 thank you! I will check them out. Hummingbird House is on my list of places to look. :)
  • You will love it! Nutter Buster is right down the road from Hummingbird House just a little ways down 1626. They have the best pork and beef I have ever had. Good luck! :-)
  • I got married at the Vista on Seward Hill. It is right at 360 and Mopac so not to far from downtown. It has an outdoor ceremony area and indoor reception areas. It was beautiful! They had fires at the outdoor tables and the DJ was included in the cost. The photos on the website do not do it justice. I actually was not even going to look at the venue because of that but had some time one day, went over, and fell in love.
  • We have decided to move our wedding to Dallas which is closer to home for me... but hopefully this thread will be helpful for someone else! :)
  • Britty, if you need recommendations for a photographer and/or wedding planner or coordinator in Dallas, I've got a couple!

    Captive Art Photography is fantastic, and really affordable! That's who I'm using.

    Glitter and Gold Events is also really great with event planning! 
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