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Has anyone used Las Vegas Limo's?

Hi all,

I have received a few quotes from various Limo companies and 'Las Vegas Limo's' have come out by far the cheapest. I have read some very mixed reviews online and now I'm unsure? Has anyone had any dealings with this company? Good/Bad?

Thanks for your help!

Dee :-)

Re: Has anyone used Las Vegas Limo's?

  • I haven't heard of them, or used them.

    Looking at the Yelp Reviews, I would be a little concerned. I don't see any Google reviews, and no one seems to be bitching about it on their Facebook page.

    However, it is hard to judge a company when a lot of the reviews are from 2011/2012...There isn't a single review from 2013. A lot can be changed in that length of time (for the better sometimes).

    It seems the biggest gripe is that they were "overcharged" on their Credit/debit, or there are "hidden" fees.

    If the credit/debit spooks you, I would ask about paying in cash. If that is possible, make sure you get a very detailed receipt of what you are paying for---like how long of a ride, when to be picked up etc. In fact, this should be on your receipt/terms of service anyways..

    I would also ask what are the chances of a billing mishap, if it happens as frequently as these reviews say. Print them out (the reviews) and take them to their office if you have to.

    Of course, like going into any business agreement, the super FINE print needs to be read. It's not like clicking "I agree to the terms and conditions" when you download the new version of iTunes...I'm sure that's where a lot of people make mistakes.

    Either way, good luck and happy planning!
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