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Asheville Rehearsal Dinner- Any suggestions?

hi! I'm getting married Labor Day wkd. and need an inexpensive venue for a rehearsal dinner for 45 people.  Any suggestions? thanks! 

Re: Asheville Rehearsal Dinner- Any suggestions?

  • We had ours at Olive or Twist and they were great but it was not cheap. But, we had 75 people and rented out the entire restaurant for the night! If you're looking for inexpensive, there are a lot of parks that rent out shelters and you could do a cookout. I think it would be super fun and relaxed and the weather should be good Labor Day and you could even get some cornhole and lawn games going. We booked our room block at the Crowne Plaza and they said they could do a bonfire there, that could be another option which would be really fun if you had a block of rooms there as well and guests could all come down to the bonfire after the rehearsal dinner. Or, if you have craft beer lovers, a local brewery might rent some space out for you (maybe Highland). Just some ideas to look into!
  • I recently looked into this myself and the ones I found that were affordable and not too far from downtown were: Laurey's Catering Garden Room, City Bakery, Asheville Brewing Co/The Millroom, The Capital Club, The Cantina, Asheville Event Center, and Bull Creek Ranch.
  • We did our rehearsal dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe (the location in South Asheville, not downtown). I don't know if that's considered "inexpensive" but we didn't have to pay facility rental, decor or anything (so it was truly only food/beverage per person). The management and staff were phenomenal and the food (as always) was delicious (it's listed as one of Southern Living's Top 100 places to eat)...our guests were very pleased and it was extremely low maintenance!
  • I know you posted this a few months ago, but I went to school at UNC-Asheville and graduated in 2013 and thought I'd throw out some ideas in case other brides view this and wanted ideas. As the person above me stated I'd definitely recommend looking into Tupelo Honey Cafe in S. Asheville. It's much more spacious than the one downtown. I'd also recommend looking into:
    -White Duck Taco in West Asheville
    -12 Bones in the River Arts District (AMAZING bbq)
    -Lexington Avenue Brewery downtown
    -Doc Chey's downtown (asian food, but inexpensive and delicious)
    -Pack's Tavern would be a really nice choice, it's a sports bar downtown, pretty casual but amazing food- fried green tomatoes to die for. 

    If anyone needs any other ideas for Asheville stuff, don't hesitate to ask! 
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