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How much do you have set in stone yet?

Are you still booking venues, have any major decisions? I feel like because we haven't decided what we want to do yet that we are behind! I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are trying to move and get a business off the ground so wedding planning is daunting at the moment! We don't really want to push it back, but its a lot right now! 

Re: How much do you have set in stone yet?

  • We just booked church, working on getting reception nailed down in the next few weeks. Also working on photographer. After that I plan to chill until Summer months to get cracking on the other items. I am CPA so I will be busy with taxes for a few months. So that is why we did all this work early. Also, in our city, weddings don't happen too often in winter, so we have that advantage.

    Maybe just a few big stuff out of the way then focus on your other happenings? I hope other more seasoned wedding planners have some ideas too! :)
  • We have done quite a bit, but we are going the DIY route so I suppose it's good to keep on top of everything.  I have had a lot of free time on my hands and I am just super eager and love planning and organizing events.  We have booked our venue, we have chosen our wedding party, chosen colours/theme, started gathering decorations (charger plates and vases so far), we have a guest list planned out, we are meeting with a photographer soon, and I am going dress shopping later today.

    For us, finding a venue took a while.  We looked at soooo many.  Once we decided on one I felt a lot more at ease and was able to plan out some of the other details.  Maybe you could focus on finding a venue first, because some of the other details depend on your venue.  Do not panic if you feel behind - there is still a lot of time left and it should be a bit easier to book vendors etc. for a January wedding than for a summer wedding. Just focus on one thing at a time and enjoy each step of your wedding planning as much as you can. 
  • We only looked at 3 venues, and are not planning to look at anymore at the moment. We will be deciding between two of them, and we are both leaning most towards the hotel, which would include the ceremony and reception in on spot.  
    I have mentioned bridal party to my bridesmaids, or they have mentioned it to me, so I have planned a lunch to take them all to. I won't be putting them on the spot right then and there, but we will be talking wedding and I will be giving gifts to my daughters and niece to make it official for them.  
    I did have some bridal shop appointments, but due to a death in the family I had to cancel those. 
    Hoping to get back to making appointments in next few weeks. 
    I keep looking at my calendar and how busy I am with other aspects of my life that I get nervous if I don't make some decisions now, I will be getting closer and closer to the day of and not be prepared!

  • We officially looked at one venue, have talked with three more via email and done LOTS of online research. I think the hardest part right now is deciding what we really want to do. I have a huge immediate family (four siblings, each with spouses & kids) and so do my parents (total of 7 siblings with 8 kids, each having spouses & kids) that totals almost 80 people! I think I am just having sticker shock and that's part of why it is daunting. I think that I would almost rather run away just the two of us and have a winter elopement at a B & B and come back and do a summer BBQ for the rest of them! LOL Seems like you can't have an inexpensive wedding around here unless you do it outside! (Won't work in Michigan - especially if we have another winter with multiple polar vortexes again next year.)

    We did look at a local venue on Saturday that would be within the realm of possibility if we really cut corners and DIY a lot (and it was an inexpensive one in relation to the rest of what we have seen in our month of late night googling!) 

    Glad to know I'm not too far behind. Thanks ladies. 

  • We just booked photographer. So next is reception venue and we will probably nail that down by the end of February. I've got quotes on cakes, but not flowers. I am afraid of that one... might be more than I am expecting!
  • Has anyone started dress shopping yet?  I went yesterday with my mom and I am finding it discouraging so far.  A lot of the dresses I love don't look great on me or are out of my price range.  I think part of the problem is perhaps that the shop I went to was too pricey.. but I felt sad that it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be.
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    We're quite ahead in planning, but it's in part because we've already been engaged for a year so we've had a lot of time to think about what kind of wedding we want and who we want there. We have a draft guest list (to have an idea of what kind of venue we wanted), we've booked our venue (same for ceremony and reception), signed our photography contract, and decided on the overall atmosphere. We've also chosen our wedding party and ensured there weren't foreseeable problems with the date (most of our friends are travelling across the country and needed some time to save). Finally, I found a dress on kijiji that fit perfectly so I bought it. But… you can see it on the Attire board - I'm having second thoughts. 

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    @afterimage -  I also had a hard time dress shopping because my dress budget is quite limited but I have expensive taste lol. Good luck!!!
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    @2leadsingers - Would you and your fiance be comfortable not inviting extended family? I've been to some smaller weddings with only immediate family and close friends that were lovely.

    Also - wow, you are taking on a lot in one year!!!!!!!
  • Ooh I saw your dress on the other board - it looks great on you!  I agree with the other posters that you could try adding some accessories, maybe even a sash, and see what looks good with it.

    I hope I find one soon, too! I should take a look on kijiji and craigslist as well.  I think I have the same problem with a limited budget and expensive taste :/
  • Yeah we are taking on a lot. But we both enjoy hard work. We moved last week(one check off the list...... and added a lot more ooooh the joys of homeownership!) I have been doing a lot of thinking and we can probably knock out kids under the age of 18 to cut down about 15 people. If I cut down too many more I run the risk of one parent or another not showing. My parents have been divorced 8 years and refuse to set foot in the same building at the same time. I am not looking forward to what could happen with a smaller guest list. I need 100 people to put enough of a buffer in between them!

    We really liked the venue we saw a few weeks ago. The color scheme and decorations were kinda awful but can be worked around. The food and 4he price were about the best we could hope for. We had a tasting at another venue last night with food twice the price and not as good. So hopefully that might work out!
  • I'm kinda far ahead in planning. It makes me a little sad because now I feel like there is too much waiting time. FI and I have venue nearly halfway paid for, bridal and grooms parties are picked, minister is picked, wedding colors picked, my mom is going to do wedding photos, std and invites are in, and we know what we are doing for food and reception stuff. 

    Im going to a bridal show this week to start looking for my dress! I really just want January to be here already. 
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