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Valentine's Day Wedding?

We're shooting for early 2015 in Baton Rouge. Because we'll have a lot of out-of-town guests coming in for the wedding who have never been to Louisiana before, my fiancé wants to do it around mardi gras, so that guests can get the "full Louisiana experience." So, we are looking at the Saturday before fat tuesday...which just so happens to fall on Valentine's Day that year. I'm not crazy about Valentine's day in general, and definitely fall into the "it's a manufactured holiday" crowd. But I agree with my fiancé that having the wedding on this day would make V-day actually a special day that we will want to celebrate. Plus, we definitely wouldn't have it be V-day themed. 

I'm guess just worried it will be rough on our guests who (a) might have trouble traveling around mardi gras (expensive flights, hotels, etc.), and (b) might want to actually spend V-day with their significant other and do something romantic just the two of them, not attend our wedding. Thoughts??

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    If your guests are the easy-going type, they might appreciate a different option for celebrating Valentine's Day... I always dread having to plan something for that day!  
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